All you need to know on Land Acquisition Bill

Campaign for Development Planning Act and Repeal of Land Acquisition Act by NAPM and Sangharsh

Since early 1990s NAPM along with many others in this country have been campaigning for repeal of Land Acquisition Act 1894 (Hindi, English) and enactment of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Act. In early 2000 with the debates paved way for demanding a comprehensive Act rather than two separate Acts for various reasons. In 2006 National Advisory Council  accepted the demand for a comprehensive Act and a draft presented by NAPM after various consultations became the basis for the NAC Draft National Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation Policy. In 2007 after a long time moved amendments to LAA and for the first time presented R&R Bill to the Parliament. They were both referred to the Standing Committee on the Rural Development and then these Bills after revision were brought again in Parliament in 2009. However, due to sustained pressure from movement groups and certain political parties the Bills in their current form has not been been introduced in the Parliament.

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