When India’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change speaks, nature shrinks in horror.


In an interview dated July 6th, 2014 the Ministry spoke again, this time to Press Trust of India.

“Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said the
country needs infrastructure for progress and it can be
ensured without compromising on environment as he is
working with the slogan “development without

We urge the Minister to not work on any more slogans. Rather spend time on seriously assessing India’s environment in consultation to scientists, engineers and environmentalists.


“He said that after assuming charge of the Environment
Ministry, he had decided that defence will be his first

After assuming charge of the Environment Ministry, shouldn’t environment be his first priority?


“It took just 30 minutes of discussion for me to clear it,” he said

(referring to the setting up a Navy infrastructure at Karwar in Karnataka as an alternative to the Mumbai hub)

30 minutes.


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