In an interview ahead of the World Bank bi-annual meeting, WB President Jim Yong Kim has predicted a not-so-rosy future for our world ahead.

Kim predicts that battles over food and water will break out in the next five to ten years.

Kim predicts that world’s poor will rise up and clash over access to clean water and affordable food.

Kim confesses that world leaders have done too little to address a warming planet, despite warnings from the environmental community and scientists.

Kim blames climate change activists and scientists for inaction. That they haven’t done enough to offer a plan to address global warming in a way he deems “serious”.

Kim promises that World Bank will fight global warming by finding a stable price for carbon and removing fuel subsidies.

Kim calls for “a much, much deeper understanding of the political dangers of very high levels of inequality”, by heads of state.

The neoliberal blueprint for economic development is low corporate taxation, low worker wages and protection, maximum privatisation, and minimal standards of environmental protection. Everything, in other words, to maximise wealth extraction and concentration.

NAPM India