Gujarat has only 293 sloth bears left, mostly in Jessore and Balaram Sanctuaries.

The National Board for Wildlife recently cleared the proposal of laying double railway tracks in the Dedicated Freight Corridor passing through Balaram Sanctuary situated along the Aravali Hill series, in northern Gujarat, along the Gujarat-Rajasthan Border. The Sanctuary is known for its bear and leopard populations.

The Board has not fixed the pre-condition of erecting fences along the tracks to prevent loss of wildlife. 8 lions were killed last year in Rajula and Jafrabad by speeding trains.

The mega-corridor projects will linger dangerously close to many prominent sanctuaries like the Velavadar Black Buck Park near Dholera. In Madhya Pradesh Ken, Betwa and Vindhyas will come under direct or indirect impact.

With the MoEF and Wildlife Board now directly representing corporate animals, the mega-projects will one ensure that only humans are left to enjoy this planet (that too, only some privileged humans). Its shameful that instead of acting as a ‘check’ and monitoring, Mr, Javadekar can only boast of clearances.

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NAPM India