Unlawful detention of popular people’s leader Sri Lakhan Musafir
Having turned human rights and democratic norms into rhetoric only, the Government of Gujarat is running scared of people’s voice. There is a new form of suppression of people’s voices which has now been fine tuned by the Gujarat police viz. whenever there is a public programme of the Chief Minister, the police affects detentions, house arrest-like conditions or preventive arrests of non-political grassroots activists and workers till the completion of the CM’s programme. No reasons for these are ever given.
In view of the CM’s programme in the area, the police have taken Shri Lakhan Musafir, the leader of the successful anti-KADA movement of the people of Kevadia area, into preventive custody. If the CM is so afraid of the people and wants to keep a distance from them, then why have a public programme at all? Do leaders who fear the people have any moral right to remain in public life?
[Source : Jameen Adhikar Andolan Gujarat, Press Release 26 April 2015]
[Recently from Kevadiya, Gujarat – https://napmindia.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/arrest-and-harassment-eviction-for-statue-of-unity-project-in-kevadiya-gujarat/]

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