We thank you for always being supportive to the Awas Haq Satyagrah in which the evictees of the Mandala asserted for their housing right. Your support throughout the Satyagraha have helped pressurizing the government `which discouraged the government to remain on the back foot, though the Police attempted to harass the evicted Satyagrahis but  they too have not taken aggressive step till date, when the people are determined to stay put.

As you know, in spite of continuous dialogue with the government at various levels  related to housing right of the evictees of the Mandala, no concrete solution had come out which would have given them some relief from the suffering they had been going through since more than a decade. Their main demand was that they should be allowed to build their kuchcha houses on the vacant (since eviction) Mandala land where they were evicted from, until any housing policy/plan and allotment to these families, comes true. They have been given assurance of housing under different housing schemes, facing brutal eviction twice, but none have been materialized till date. On the 25thday of the Satyagrah, under heavy rains and in the absence of any concrete solution/assurance, the evictees decided to rebuild their houses on their own and erected more than 2000 structures at the site of the Satyagrah at Mandala.

Since the day of rebuilding of houses, the Police Bandobast has increased, while the people have not created any law and order problem. The decision to rebuild houses was taken under circumstances when the evictees had given up living with hollow assurance by the central and state governments. The Mandala land was lying vacant and useless since eviction, the houses rebuilt are a temporary arrangement until any housing policy comes into being, giving them housing.

With the RAY scheme itself having been withdrawn by the centre, there is no scheme for the urban poor, but for a vague assurance of House to all, by 2022.

It is in this context that we request you to kindly write to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai to be cooperative  to all those who have rebuild their houses to get shelter after living homeless for more than a decade until any housing policy comes.

  1. Not to use force and not to displace from the self built kuchcha house.
  2. Do not resort to eviction of the poor, making them shelterless, during heavy rains.
  3. Promote their stay at the vacant land, and they be provided all basic amenities, especially water and sanitation (toilets block).

Contact Details

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact Details
1. Shri. Devendra Fadnavis Chief Minister of Maharashtra Email: chiefministerchiefminister@maharashtra.gov.in,

Phone: +91-22-22025222,22025151

Fax: +91-22-22029214

2. Shri. Rakesh Maria Commissioner of Police Email:cp.mumbai@mahapolice.gov.in

Phone: 22620826, 22613552

Fax: 22621835

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