At 10.30 am today, hundreds of police people along with MMRDA officials, private security-people and half a dozen bulldozers demolished all the houses that people had re-built as part of the Ghar Haq Satyagraha in Mandala ten days ago.


Residents of Mandala were gathered under the main tent as their houses were being demolished around them. They have vowed to keep their Satyagraha non-violent and did not fight the authorities. The authorities said they would ensure a meeting with the Collector today which seems rather unlikely since most people present at the site of the Andolan were arrested and taken away in police vans to an undisclosed location.


Every single house that was built is gone. But this only firms the resolution of the people that they will continue their Satyagraha for their homes.

We urge you to support the people of Mandala in this struggle. You can contact Atiq on 99873 08058 for more information.
On behalf of the people of Mandala,
Ram, Anvari, Namrata, Atiq, Umer

NAPM India