Registration & Travel:

  1. All States/Union Territories must take all necessary steps for identification of stranded migrant workers and ensure their return journey by train / bus / other mode within 15 days i.e. by 24th
  2. Registration process be simplified & decentralized. Notify police station and other places of local administration for the same.
  3. Publicize information regarding train and bus journey through local newspapers and T.V. channels.
  4. Railways shall provide Shramik trains within a period of 24 hours to facilitate the return journey of migrant workers.
  5. State must also facilitate travel of workers who want to return to employment in the host state by providing necessary information & creating help desk by railways and road transport authorities.

Schemes & Employment:

  1. Central Government may give details of all schemes which can be availed by migrant workers who have returned to their native places. All States and UTs shall give details of all schemes for benefit of migrant workers, including employment schemes.
  2. State shall establish counselling centres and help desk at block and district level to provide all necessary information regarding Govt. schemes including employment schemes to the migrant workers.
  3. Details of all migrant workers who have reached their native places, shall be maintained with nature of their skill & employment, earlier place of employment in village-wise, block-wise and district-wise format to ensure they avail the benefit of different schemes.

Other Aspects:

  1. States must consider withdrawal of prosecution under Section 51 of Disaster Management Act and other related offences lodged against migrant workers during lockdown.
  2. All Director Generals of Police and Police Commissioners may issue necessary directions to treat suffering migrant workers in a humane manner.
  3. State must ensure strict vigilance and supervision over implementation of schemes & benefits, including actions of their officers and staff and take appropriate action where required.
  4. Before 24th June, Centre and all States and UTs must file additional affidavits in response to various aspects in the Order dt. 9th June, including the different schemes for migrant workers. Further hearing on 8th
  5. All previous Orders issued on 28th May shall be implemented.

NAPM India