Day 6: 13th March 2021

During the previous days which formed part of the Feminist Resistance and Reflections Week — while looking at issues of livelihoods and labour, citizenship rights, social justice and the environment, and living in conflict areas — the role of the legal sytem and judiciary in the continued marginalization and exclusion of people from historically oppressed communities has been a key point of concern.

Changes in legal frameworks, whether intended or already brought into existence, have often been unmindful of the lived realities of people from Dalit, Bahujan, Vimukta communities, of Adivasi and indigenous peoples, and within all of these, of women and people marginalized on grounds of gender and sexuality. Over and above this, the existing systems of access to justice and law are biased against the same social locations. Not only is justice denied to those who seek it, but the survivors and victims of various types of violence are themselves criminalized instead.

NAPM stands by the demand for ensuring justice and addressing violence and the oppression of people and communities already marginalized, from the level of legislation and policy-making, through to all legal processes and in carceral contexts. The state is responsible for ensuring the rights of citizens, and specifically the prisoners’ rights of the most vulnerable groups be protected at all levels; as also for ensuring access to legal services, speedy trials, and justice for all survivors and victims of violence of all types, especially when it is owed to their oppressed and marginalized locations.

We stand with those of us who are placed at particularly disadvantaged positions by intersecting axes of oppression, through caste, religion, gender, disability, ethnicity.

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