Day 5: 12th March

Day 5 of the Feminist Week of Resistance and Reflections brings us to the geographically wide canvas on which is clearly marked the impact of militarization on the lives of people, especially women and gender non-conforming people from different conflict zones across the country. These need to be understood in the context of the rise of the Hindu-Nationalist ideology, intent on delivering the promised patriarchal masculinist state.

While neither communalization nor oppressive approaches of the State in certain parts of the country is new, the increase in number and intensity of state-sponsored crimes as well as the impunity with which they are carried out, draws into sharper focus the denial of agency of entire peoples asserting their rights to self-governance and political aspirations.

Women living in conflict zones and areas which have faced communal violence experience a very different level of gendered aggression at physical, psychological, socio-economic and sexual levels. Some of the key challenges they face include a perennial state of repression and combat, denial of agency and access to spaces of resistance; a denial of the right to self-determination and political assertion, physical and sexual violence, with no semblance of accountability and justice, deprivation of the right to be involved in developmental processes; all made more severe for women already marginalized on grounds of caste and class.

In the aforementioned context, today, we try at look at the experiences and resistances of women and gender non-conforming people in conflict areas such as:

  • Kashmir, North-Eastern region and adivasi areas of Central-Eastern India
  • Areas affected by communal violence
  • Draconian laws and political imprisonments
  • Historical and contemporary questions around citizenship

Through pulling together such threads during the Feminist Week of Resistance and Reflection, NAPM shall strive to support and amplify the many voices who from different locations have been continuously trying to stave off the realization of the military state, right-wing communal project. This would also in effect amount to a permanent disempowerment, deprivation of political and human rights, social security and constitutional guarantees for historically oppressed and marginalized communities.

We stand with those of us who are placed at particularly disadvantaged positions by intersecting axes of oppression, through caste, religion, gender, disability, ethnicity.

Should you wish to send us any feminist materials during this week from your struggles / organisations that you think needs to be amplified, please e-mail them to  or send them over whatsapp to 7618835699.Additionally, you can also tag us with these materials at our social media links on the scheduled date of each theme. Do follow for updates.

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