About us:

National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) is an alliance of a large number of progressive people’s organisations and movements across India. We work for social, economic and political justice and equity. Our members and associates are engaged in grassroots struggles around issues of ‘development’, displacement, urban and rural planning, environmental concerns, human rights, livelihood rights, labour concerns, indiscriminate industrialization, corporate accountability, corruption, governance, gender justice, anti-caste resistance, electoral reforms, peace, transparency and accountability. 

We firmly believe in annihilation of caste, patriarchy, untouchability and discrimination of all kinds as well as social and ecological justice, towards establishing an egalitarian society. We stand against all forms of capitalist exploitation and corporate loot, anti-people globalisation and privatization as well as majoritarianism, communalism and religious fundamentalism. We stand with the struggles and assertions of all communities seeking justice against oppression, in particular, religious, linguistic, ethnic and gender-based minorities. In times of fascist and neo-liberal onslaught, we believe it is all the more important to assert constitutional and democratic frameworks and work towards unity of diverse sections of citizenry. 

You can read and access more details about NAPM and our work at https://napmindia.wordpress.com/ and https://napmindia.org/home/.

Interning with NAPM:

We are looking for half (4 hours/day) / full-time (8 hours/day) interns (5 or 6 days/week) to:

  • Help us amplify the work of NAPM members and of other organisations, movements and alliances that share the aforementioned goals.
  • Work on ongoing campaigns
  • Generate and disseminate materials that extend solidarity to a range of people’s issues and struggles. 
  • Learn from the diverse range of people’s movements as well as contribute their skills to extending solidarity to struggles. 

Core Work Ethics: 

We expect every intern to share the following core organizational ethics:  

  • Commitment to the values of NAPM i.e. non-discrimination, social and environmental justice and human rights.
  • Strong interest and resolve to help amplify the voices of diverse movements and issues, especially those that are marginalized and need more visibility. 

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Assistance with research, writing and translations of NAPM statements, press releases and social media content as well as generating creative content like posters and short videos. 
  • Research for NAPM reports, profiles of movements, activist interviews, articles, etc. 
  • Assistance in organizing online and offline activities: webinars, social media mobilizations, meetings, etc. 
  • Documentation of existing materials and resources.
  • In specific contexts, travelling to and working with on-ground movements / groups may be facilitated. 

Skills and Abilities: 

Some of the skills and abilities that are helpful for this internship include:

  • Basic understanding of organizational process, media and communications.
  • Ability to undertake research, identify reliable sources of information and collate content in multiple languages.
  • Oral and written communication skills in English / Hindi and / or other languages.
  • Visual skills and ability to work on creative materials like posters, graphics as well as awareness materials like pamphlets, FAQ sheets etc. 
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and ability to gather relevant content from them.
  • Knowledge and interest in photography, film making, video editing, web communications and design. Experience with design software is also useful. 
  • Self-driven ability to work and identify relevant issues, as well as needs for various tasks and propose specific responses / actions. 
  • Willingness to work with and learn from a team and collectives of diverse experiences.
  • Ability to proactively follow-up with team members and complete assigned tasks on time.

Work and reporting structure: 

As part of your internship, you will work closely with some of our saathis and sangathans and a dedicated group of volunteers from the NAPM Communications and Documentation team. All your work shall be as per the guidance of the NAPM Internship Co-ordinators. 

Specific tasks and responsibilities you will undertake will be jointly discussed and agreed upon at the start of your internship. You will report mainly to the internship coordinator and also work with other team members for specific tasks. You will be given a Task Sheet and an Internship Protocol to follow during the internship period.  

Why intern with NAPM: 

While interning with NAPM is a voluntary engagement, it is a valuable opportunity to enrich your worldview by understanding different social issues, developing skills on research, campaigning and political work, gaining experience in organizing and exploring the potential of your own skills in this work. You may also have opportunities to interact and work with experienced activists and collectives across the country. 

Kindly also note that as an entirely voluntary people’s alliance, NAPM cannot pay any internship stipend / allowance or cover other expenses. 

Duration of Internship: 

To ensure that we can provide you adequate support and you are able to contribute meaningfully, we request a commitment ideally between 2 and 12 months, either half (4 hours/day) or full-time (8 hours/day) and for 5 or 6 days/week.

Experience certificate

At the end of your internship period, upon satisfactory completion of the tasks and responsibilities you have taken on and submission of your internship report, you will receive a certificate of experience from NAPM detailing your contribution. 

Long-term association: 

Interns are always welcome and encouraged to be associated as volunteers with NAPM, on a long-term basis even after the end of their formal period of internship and continue to engage on issues and contribute in different ways. 

Are you interested in interning with the NAPM Communications Team?

If you would like to intern with us, please fill up the  form in the link below and send it to us: https://forms.gle/atkmv1d7aKbUFqBk7. Please also e-mail a copy of your CV to napminterns@protonmail.com.

For any further questions about the internship, you can reach us at napminterns@protonmail.com.

We look forward to an active internship engagement with you.

In solidarity, 

NAPM Communications Team 

NAPM India