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हिंदी के लिए कृपया नीचे देखें

Withdraw the trumped-up FIR filed against Medha Patkar and other trustees of Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan

End the persecution of civil rights and social movement activists for standing with the oppressed sections of society

We, the undersigned, strongly condemn the FIR filed against social activist Medha Patkar and 11 other trustees of Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan (NNNA), under Sec 420 IPC at the Badwani Police Station in MP, as widely reported in the media. It is indeed atrocious that a public-spirited Trust like NNNA (regd. in Mumbai) which has been working for over two decades in the interest of the displacement-affected adivasi and rural communities in the Narmada valley in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, especially children, is having to face such bizarre allegations from vested interests.

It is learnt that the complaint alleging ‘misuse of funds’, ‘cheating’, ‘financial irregularities’, ’anti-national activities’ etc. has been filed by one Mr. Pritam Raj Badole, who, as per his public profile on Koo social media is an activist of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), student wing of the ruling BJP in Khargone, MP. It may be noted that a few months back, a similar false allegation was leveled against Medha Patkar and NNNA by one Mr. Sanjeev Jha, resident of Ghaziabad. Although sections of the media reported that an FIR was filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), no notice has been issued so far. Through a clarification dated 6th April, 2022, NNNA already countered those allegations pertaining to 17-year-old financial transactions. NNNA has stated that all their accounts are up-to-date and the Trust is willing to co-operate in any process of inquiry. It is, however, clear that the BJP Govt. is on an all-out attempt to vilify Medha Patkar and the organizations she is associated with.

All the persons named in the FIR dt. 9th July, 2022 have been associated with people’s issues in Narmada valley for long. They include families affected by the Sardar Sarovar Project who have struggled for decades against unjust displacement, seeking fair rehabilitation, as per judicial orders. Other trustees have been supporters of the people’s movement for rights and justice in the valley and have facilitated constructive work on education, health etc.

It needs to be pointed out that there has been a long history to the persecution and vilification that people from Narmada valley and their supporters have faced from the Governments and vested interests. Way back in 2007, the Hon’ble Supreme Court dismissed an ill-motivated petition filed by one Mr. VK Saxena (current LG of Delhi), calling it a ‘private interest litigation’, imposing costs on him for the same and stating that the work of Medha Patkar was in the interest of rehabilitation of the dam oustees. (Judgement[1] dated 10 July, 2007 in National Council for Civil Liberties vs Union of India & Ors)

Despite many challenges from the State, Narmada Bachao Andolan has been working relentlessly for the past 37 years, within the framework of the law of the land and Constitution, through peaceful struggle and constructive means to organize the farmers, adivasis, fisher people and other communities for their rights, while also undertaking educational and other initiatives for the children in the interior adivasi regions, where the Governments have miserably failed in extending basic entitlements. Medha Patkar has always supported and strengthened people’s struggles across the country, over three decades. It is a matter of utter shame that the Government chooses to criminalize well-meaning people working for the oppressed sections, instead of enabling their efforts.

There is no doubt that these false cases, allegations and media trial are part of a continuing spree of persecution against rights defenders, civil liberties activists, fact-checkers, students etc. who have been speaking truth to power, exposing the anti-people nature of this Government and questioning the injustice being meted out to marginalized sections of our society.

We condemn these vengeful actions of the BJP Government against persons working in public interest.

  • We call for immediate withdrawal of the FIR against Medha Patkar and all trustees of NNNA.
  • We also warn the Govt. to refrain from undertaking any coercive action through its investigative and law enforcement agencies.
  • We assert the constitutional rights to organize and right to liberty of all activists who are facing state repression for their public-spirited work.

[1] https://indiankanoon.org/doc/549330/

Issued on behalf of National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) by:

Arundhati Dhuru, Ashish Ranjan, Meera Sanghamitra, Richa Singh and Sanjay MG

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जन आंदोलनों का राष्ट्रीय समन्वय (NAPM)

मेधा पाटकर व नर्मदा नव निर्माण अभियान के अन्य न्यासियों में खिलाफ झूठी प्राथमिकि वापस लो

समाज के वंचित वर्ग के साथ लड़ने वाले नागरिक अधिकारों व सामाजिक आंदोलनों के कार्यर्ताओं का उत्पीड़न बंद करो

11 जुलाई। जैसा संचार माध्यमों से ज्ञात हुआ है, मेधा पाटकर व नर्मदा नव निर्माण अभियान के 11 न्यासियों के खिलाफ मध्य प्रदेश के बड़वानी थाने में भारतीय दण्ड संहिता की धारा 420 के अंतर्गत प्राथमिकि दर्ज किए जाने की हम भत्सर्ना करते हैं। यह कितनी बुरी बात है कि जनहित में महाराष्ट्र व मध्य प्रदेश के विस्थापित आदिवासियों व ग्रामीणों और उसमें भी खासकर बच्चों के कल्याण के लिए दो दशकों से काम करने वाले इस किस्म के न्यास पर कुछ निहित स्वार्थी तत्वों द्वारा ऊल-जलूल अरोप लगाए जा रहे हैं।

ऐसा ज्ञात हुआ है कि भारतीय जनता पार्टी की छात्र इकाई अखिल भारतीय विद्यार्थी परिषद के खरगोन के एक कार्यकर्ता प्रीतम राज बडोले ने वित्तीय अनियमितता, धोखाधड़ी व देशद्रोह के आरोप लगाए हैं। कुछ माह पहले गाजियाबाद के संजीव झा ने मेधा पाटकर व नर्मदा नव निर्माण अभियान के ऊपर इसी तरह के झूठे आरोप लगाए थे। कुछ संचार माध्यमों के अनुसार प्राथमिकि प्रवर्तन निदेशालय ने दर्ज कराई है किंतु अभी तक आरोपियों को कोई सूचना नहीं मिली है। 6 अप्रैल 2022 को नर्मदा नव निर्माण अभियान ने पिछले 17 वर्षों के आय व्यय के ब्योरे के आाधार पर इन आरोपों का स्पष्टीकरण दिया है। नर्मदा नव निर्माण अभियान ने कहा है कि उसका हिसाब किताब पूरा है और वह किसी भी जांच में सहयोग करेगी। हलांकि यह स्पष्ट है कि भाजपा मेधा पाटकर व उनसे जुड़ी संस्था को बदनाम करना चाह रही है।

9 जुलाई को दर्ज प्राथमिकि में नामजद लोग लम्बे समय से जनता के मुद्दों के साथ जुड़े हैं। इसमें वे परिवार भी शामिल हैं जो दशकों से सरदार सरोवर बांध से हुए अन्यायकारी विस्थापन के खिलाफ और न्यायिक आदेशों के आधार पर अपने पुनर्वास की लड़ाई लड़े हैं। अन्य न्यासी घाटी में अधिकार व न्याय के लिए हुए जन आंदोलन के समर्थक रहे हैं व उन्होंने शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य, आदि, मुद्दों पर रचनात्मक कार्य को सम्भव बनाया है।

यहां यह बताना जरूरी है कि नर्मदा घाटी के लोगों व उनके समर्थकों ने लम्बे समय से सरकार या निहित स्वार्थी तत्वों द्वारा उत्पीड़न व बदनामी झेली है। 2007 में माननीय सर्वोच्च न्यायालय ने वी.के. सक्सेना (जो अब दिल्ली के उप राज्यपाल हैं) गलत इरादों से दायर एक याचिका को निजी हित याचिका बताया और सक्सेना पर दण्ड लगाते हुआ कहा कि मेधा पाटकर बांध से विस्थापित लोगों के पुनर्वास के हित हेतु काम कर रही हैं। (10 जुलाई 2007 का फैसला)

किसान, मजदूर, आदिवासी व अन्य समुदायों को अपने अधिकारों के लिए गोलबंद करते हुए व जहां सरकारी सेवाएं पहुंची नहीं हैं ऐसे अंदरूनी आदिवासी क्षेत्र में बच्चों के लिए शिक्षा व अन्य की पहल करते हुए नर्मदा बचाओं आंदोलन ने पिछले 37 वर्षों से बिना रुके तमाम चुनौतियों का सामना करते हुए संविधान व कानून के दायरे में रहते हुए संघर्ष व रचना के आधार पर काम किया है। मेधा पाटकर ने पिछले तीन दशकों से देश भर के संघर्षों को समर्थन दिया है व उन्हें मजबूत किया है। यह शर्म की बात है कि सरकार उनकी मदद करने के बजाए ऐसे वंचित तबकों के लिए काम करने वालों को अपराधी ठहराने की कोशिश कर रही है।

इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं कि ये झूठे आरोप, जिन्हें संचार माध्यम बढ़ा चढ़ा कर प्रस्तुत करते हैं, उसी प्रक्रिया का हिस्सा हैं जिसमें नागरिक अधिकारों, मानवाधिकारों के लिए काम करने वालों, सत्य उजागर करने वालों व छात्रों के खिलाफ मुहिम चलाई गई है जो सभी सरकार के जन विरोधी चरित्र व हाशिए पर रह रहे समाज के साथ हो रहे अन्याय को उजागर कर रहे हैं।

जन आंदोलनों का राष्ट्रीय समन्वय भाजपा सरकार द्वारा बदले की भावना से जनहित में काम करने वालों के खिलाफ कार्यवाही की भर्त्सना करता है।

  1. हम मांग करते हैं कि मेधा पाटकर व नर्मदा नव निर्माण अभियान के सभी न्यासियों के खिलाफ दर्ज प्राथमिकि तुरंत वापस ली जाए।
  2. हम सरकार को चेतावनी देते हैं कि वह अपनी किसी भी जांच या विधि प्रवर्तन संस्था के माध्यम से कोई जबरदस्ती न करे।
  3. हम उन सभी कार्यकर्ताओं के संगठन बनाने के संवैधानिक अधिकार व स्वतंत्रता के अधिकार के साथ खड़े हैं जो उपने जनहित के काम की वजह से राज्य उत्पीड़न के शिकार हैं।

जन आंदोलनों का राष्ट्रीय समन्वय का बयान

जन आंदोलनों का राष्ट्रीय समन्वय

नर्मदा नवनिर्माण अभियानको बदनाम करने की साजिश और असत्यवादी FIR निरस्त किया जाए

11जुलाई, 2022: नर्मदा नवनिर्माण अभियान, नर्मदा घाटीके आदिवासी, किसान, मजदूर, मछुआरे आदि समुदायोंके साथ दशकोंसे कार्यरत संस्थाके खिलाफ झूटे आरोप लगानेकी साजिश फिरसे शुरू हुई है । मेधा पाटकर औऱ नर्मदा नवनिर्माणके 11 विश्वस्तोंके नाम दाखील की हुई शिकायत के आधारपर दर्ज किया FIR अभीतक कोई जाँच न होते हुए ही दर्ज किया गया है ।

       उसमें किये गये आरोप,जैसे जीवनशालाओंके बच्चोंकी शिक्षा तथा अन्य शिक्षाविषयक कार्यके लिए पायी राशि राष्ट्रविरोधी कार्यपर खर्च की गयी,तद्दन झूठे है । पूर्वमें की गई इस प्रकारकी शिकायतोंपर हमारे साथी और विश्वस्त जवाब दे चुके हैं । सर्वोच्च अदालतने जुलै 2007 में जो फेसला दिया, उसमे नर्मदा आंदोलनपर लगाये आर्थिक स्त्रोतो के संबंध मे किये गये आरोप झूठा साबित हो चुके है !

         शिकायतकर्ताने,प्रितमराज बडौले,जो अखिल भारतीय विद्यार्थी परिषद एवम राजनीतिसे जुड़ा व्यक्ति है,उसके वक़्तव्यमें कहा है कि नर्मदा नवनिर्माण अभियानकी जीवनशालाऍ अस्तित्वमेंही नही है । यह सरासर झूठ एवं मेधा पाटकर और अभियान के निर्माण कार्यको बदनाम करनेकी साजिश है । हम इसे धिक्कारते हुए यह दावा करते हैं कि करीबन 30 वर्षोंसे शुरू होकर जारी रही जीवनशालाओंसे हजारों आदिवासी बच्चे शिक्षित होकर आगे बढ़े है । जीवनशालाओंकेही लिए दिया गया कोई भी चंदा किसी भी राष्ट्रविरोधी कार्यके लिए उपयोगमें नहीं लाया गया है ।

          नर्मदा नवनिर्माण अभियान संविधानिक मूल्योंकी चौखटमें शिक्षा के साथ पुनर्वास और अन्य कार्यक्षेत्रोंमें भी सक्रिय है । हमारे हर कार्यके लिए जमा की गयी तथा खर्च की गयी राशि का हिसाब,ऑडिट एवम सभी कागजात वैध रूपसे रखे जाते हैं । इसपर बेबुनियाद आरोपकी शिकायतपर निष्पक्ष जाँच ही सच्चाई साबित कर सकती थी । बिना जाँच के अपराधी प्रकरण दर्ज करनेकी प्रक्रिया यही दर्शाती है कि हमारे सामाजिक कार्यको बदनाम और बरबाद करनेकी साजिश है! हमारे राष्ट्रहितमें,गरीब,श्रमिकोंके साथ चल रहा कार्य इस साजीश से  रुकेगा नहीं । हमारे सहयोगी,  साथी हमपर विश्वास के साथ जरूर जुड़े रहेंगे,यही विश्वास है ।

नुरजी वसावे     देवराम कनेरा    कमला यादव

[1] https://indiankanoon.org/doc/549330/

1                 Zakia Soman                        BMMA                    Ahmedabad

2                 Chakri                                  Samalochana          AP

3                 Ramnarayan k                      Educator                Uttarakhand

4                 Himshi Singh                        Himdhara Environment Collective                Himachal Pradesh

5                 Shabnam Hashmi                 Anhad                    Delhi

6                 Bittu K                                  Karnataka Janashakti   Haryana

7                 Dr.S.G.Vombatkere              NAPM Karnataka    Karnataka

8                 Rajendra kothari                   agriculture              madhya pradesh

9                 Chayanika Shah                   Forum Against Oppression of Women     Maharashtra

10               Smita Gupta                         NA                         Gujarat

11               Dev Desai                            Anhad                    Gujarat

12               Sharanya                             Rangmatipadar Adivasi Commune                 Odisha

13               Anupama P                          Individual                Telangana

14               Ranjana Padhi                      WSS                      Odisha

15               GabrieleDietrich                    Pennurimai Iyakkam     Tamil Nadu

16               Anubha Rastogi                    Independent Lawyer                Maharashtra

17               Rajaraman                           Independent researcher and journalist   Odisha

18               Vibha Deshpande                 Mental health          Maharashtra

19               Smriti Nevatia                       NA                         MH

20               P T M Hussain                      N A P M Kerala       kerala

21               Megha S                              Individual                Gujarat

22               Anuradha                             Paschim Banga Khet Majoor Samity      West Bengal

23               Subas Chandra Sahu           Individual                Odisha

24               Koninika Ray                        National Federation of Indian Women     Delhi

25               Koninika Ray                        National Federation of Indian Women     Delhi

26               Hiren Gandhi                        Darshan                 Gujarat

27               Manshi Asher                       Nagrik Adhikaar Manch, Kangra                Himachal Pradesh

28               S Shah                                Academic               Maharashtra

29               Akhileshwari Ramagoud       Journalist and Academic, Hyderabad                                           Telangana

30               Aruna Burte                         Individual                Maharashtra

31               Ravi S P                              Chalakudypuzha Samrakshana Samithi     Kerala

32               Sanober Keshwaar               Muktiyaan Loksanskritik Sanghatan                                           Maharashtra

33               Dr. Soma Marla                    Retired employee    Telangana

34               Archana Ravi                       Freelance writer      Kerala

35               Jaya Sagade                        Law, Human rights  Maharashtra

36               Brahmaputran C K                കേരളീയം തൃശൂർ. Kerala

37               Varsha Bhargavi                   Where Are The Women                Telangana

38               Lissy Joseph                        Telangana Domestic workers Union        Telangana

39               Dorothy                                Aashray Abhiyan     Bihar

40               Nikita Agarwal                      Delhi High Court     New Delhi

41               Devaki Jain                          Office of Mr. Gopal Jain                Delhi

42               Anita Cheria                         OpenSpace            KARNATAKA

43               Rohit Prajapati                     Environment Activist     Gujarat

44               Pranav Dave                        Job                        Gujarat

45               Vandana Palsane                 NA                         Maharashtra

46               Suresh Rathaur                    Manrega mazdoor union                Uttar pradesh

47               Geeta K                               Concerned citizen   Maharashtra

48               Tara Murali                          individual                Tamil Nadu

49               Vineeta Bal                          Academic               Maharashtra

50               CR Neelakandan                  NAPM Kerala          Kerala

51               Dr Lata Pratibha Madhukar   Free lance Researcher and social activist      Maharashtra

52               Shaik Salauddin                   Social Activist         Telangana

53               S.Q.Masood                         Social Activist         Telangana

54               CR Neelakandan                  NAPM                    Kerala

55               John Dayal                           Writer and activist   New Delhi

56               Ch Narendra                        Senior Journalist     Telangana

57               Sarath Cheloor                     NAPM Keralam       Kerala

58               Dr. Archana                          Post-Doctoral Fellow    New Delhi

59               Vidya Dinker                         INSAF                    Karnataka

60               Ulka mahajan                       Jagatikikaran viridhi kruti samiti                Maharashtra

61               Sachin Chavan                     Opposing proposed projects JAITAPUR NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, Ratnagiri Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd.                              Maharashtra

62               Indira                                   Delhi                      Delhi

63               Agnes Kharshiing                 CSWO                   Meghalaya

64               Siraj Dutta                            Activist                   Jharkhand

65               Geeta Narmada                    Self employed         Maharashtra

66               Richa Singh                         Sitapur                   Uttar Pradesh

67               vandana kulkarni                  individual                maharashtra

68               Dr Lubna Sarwath                WICCI State President, Water Resources Council                                Telangana

69               Bhargav Oza                        Researcher             Gujarat

70               sakina                                  faow                       maharashtra

71               Raj Shekhar                         Right to Food Campaign                 New Delhi

72               Shripad Dharmadhikary        Manthan Adhyayan Kendra, Pune and Badwani                                        Maharashtra, M.P.

73               Joby Joseph                         University of Hyderabad                Telengana

74               Ambika yadav                      Jkp chandil             Jharkhand

75               S R PATTNAIK                     Individual                ODISHA

76               Pamela Philipose                  independent journalist   Delhi

77               Veena Shatrugna                 Freelance Medical Researcher                Karnataks

78               Easa Bin Abdulkareem          Ganghian Collective/ Sarvodaya Mandalam Kerala

79               बसन्त हरियाणा                        राजस्थान नागरिक मंच  राजस्थान

80               Maharoof                             Ss                          Kerala

81               P Prasanthi                          Social Activist         Telangana

82               कैलाश मीना                            NAPM Rajasthan    Rajasthan

83               Gurumoorthy                        Concerned Indian    Karnataka

84               Padmaja Shae                      Osmania University Telangana

85               SHISHU RANJAN                 AIRSO                   Delhi

86               Snehal nene                         Lokashahi Utsav samiti                Maharashtra

87               Lucy Sebastian                     Presentation Sisters     Kerala

88               Dipti Arora                            Student                  Haryana

89               Sanal Robert                        Rivar                      Kerala

90               Roshani Babu                      YEnepoya University    Karnataka

91               Vahida Nainar                      None                      Maharashtra

92               Sobha rani                           University of hyderabad                Telangana

93               Smita Gupta                         Independent Economist and Social Activist      New Delhi

94               Shrikant Bagi                        Business                Pune

95               Ranjan Solomon                   Badayl                    Goa

96               Silloo Buhariwalla                 Retired                   Maharashtra

97               Kailash Mina                        NAPM Rajasthan    Rajasthan

98               Solomon                              Jharkhand Johar     Jharkhand

99               Fr.Jothi SJ                           Right To Food, West Bengal                 West Bengal

100             Sharada Gopal                     Right to food campaign Karnataka

101             Kalyani Menon Sen              Independent researcher                Haryana

102             Rajkumar Sinha                    Bargi Bandh Visthapit Evam Parbhavit Sangh                                   Madhya Pradesh

103             Richa                                   Lucknow                 UP

104             Simantini Dhuru                    NAPM                    Maharashtra

105             JOHN DSOUZA                    Documentalist         Maharashtra

106             Vinay Sreenivasa                  Advocate                Karnataka

107             Libania                                 PRESENTATION SISTERS                Haryana

108             Sudha N                              Independent           Karnataka

109             Saroja                                  ಕೈತೋಟ ಕ್ರಾಂತಿ      Katnataka

110             Nanki Bhardwaj                    Parvtiye Mahila Adhikar Manch / district Kangra Himachal Pradesh          Himachal Pradesh

111             D. Albert                              Social action           Maharashtra

112             Sagrika                                AISA                      Telangana

113             Pushpa S                             Swaraj Abhiyan/ Social Activist                Karnataka

114             Padma                                 Independent journalist Telangana

115             Rama Melkote                      Prof retd. OSMANIA University                Telangana

116             sumitra                                activist                    TS

117             Persis Ginwalla                     Individual                Gujarat

118             Arundhati Roy                      None                      Delhi

119             Tanushree Gangopadhyay    Independent Journalist Gujarat

120             Teresa Kotturan                   Sisters of Charity Dederation     NY

121             Sandhya Honawar                None                MAHARASHTRA

122             Subhashini Ali                      Aidwa                     Uttar Pradesh

123             Yes. I endorse                      Nature conservation kerala                Kerala

124             Rakhi Sehgal                        Independent Researcher                Delhi

125             Kiran Vissa                           Rythu Swarajya Vedika Telangana

126             AC Michael                          United Christian Forum                 Delhi

127             Michael Anthony Cruz           Federation of Catholic Associations of Archdiocese of Delhi     Delhi

128             vidya Patwardhan                 education               maharashtra

129             Pranab Doley                       AIKS, Assam.         Assam

130             विश्वास उटगी                           सह निमंत्रक ,कामगार संघटना संयुक्त कृति समिती (महाराष्ट्र राज्य )                       महाराष्ट्र राज्य

131             Arun Ramchandra SAWANT Supporters NBA      Maharashtra

132             Jayesh Dinkar Dave              N/A                        New York, USA

133             Nandini Sundar                    sociologist              Delhi

134             Ram Puniyani                       National Solidarity Forum                 Maharashtra

135             Harpuneet Kaur                    Panjab Feminist Union of Students                 Chandigarh- Punjab

136             Vijay Rukmini Rao                Nalgonda, Ontari mahilala Hakkula Samakhya Telangana

137             Ammu Abraham                   F.A.O.W                 Maharashtra

138             विश्वास उटगी                           जन आंदोलनांची संघर्ष समिती (महाराष्ट्र राज्य)         महाराष्ट्र राज्य

139             Mandakini Mallarapu             Individual T             Telangana

140             SHARAD JOSHI                   NNA                MAHARASHTRA

141             Bencita Emmanuel               Napm                     Up

142             Pyoli                                    Samajwadi Janparishad                 Delhi

143             Meena Gopal                       TISS                      Maharashtra

144             Dhananjay Shinde                Aam Aadmi Party    Maharashtra

145             Brigit Mathew                       Presentation Congregation                Kerala

146             Nandita Narain                     Democratic Teachers’ Front, Delhi University  Delhi

147             Shals Mahajan                     Writer                     Maharashtra

148             Shivarama Padikkal              Independent scholar     Telangana

149             Sandhya Phadke                  Individual                Maharashtra

150             Prasad Chacko                     Consultant (Social Inclusion)                Gujarat

151             Mridul                                  Technology Professional                Maharashtra

152             Anupam Chakravartty           Independent journalist Assam

153             Tashi Choedup                     Independent Activist     Telangana

154             Ujwala Masdekar                  महिला संगर्ष संपर्क समिती Pune

155             Aishani                                 Individual                Gujarat

156             Irfan Engineer                      All India Secular Forum                 Maharashtra

157             Bobby Ramakant                  Socialist Party (India)    UP

158             Faredoon Bhujwala               Freedom                Maharashtra

159             Dr Sandeep Pandey             General Secretary of Socialist Party (India) and Magsaysay Awardee   UP

160             Abha Dev Habib                   Secretary, Democratic Teachers’ Front        Delhi

161             Suresh Ediga                       Individual                Telangana

162             Sheo Dutt                            University of Delhi   DELHI

163             Sushama Deshpande           Theatre activist       Maharashtra

164             Asad Ahmed                        Delhi University       Delhi

165             Aslam                                  NIL                         Kerala

166             SABYASACHI SEN              Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan                 Bihar

167             Tanvir Aeijaz                        University of Delhi   Delhi

168             Bharath Dantuluri                 Paaka                    Telangana

169             Vimala Morthala                   Women and Trans gender JAC                Hyderabad

170             Samyuktha Gorrepati            Individual                Telangana

171             Nishikant Tharthare              Individual                Maharashtra

172             Packiaraj                              Retired professor    Tamil Nadu

173             Arun Kumar                         Retired Professor    Haryana

174             Sudheerkumar P C               Naithal                   Kerala

175             K. Vikramadithan                  All India Hand Embroidery Cooly Trade Union                                         TamilNadu

176             Ritu kaushik                         AIMSS                   Delhi

177             Lalita Ramdas                      Individual                Maharashtra

178             Shama Angelina Chatterjee   ICWM                    Maharashtra

179             Sadaf                                   Journalist                Madhya Pradesh

180             Roshmi Goswami                 SANGAT                Meghalaya

181             Sudipta Chaudhuri                Indian citizen          Maharashtra

182             Kavita Srivastava                  PUCL                     Rajasthan

183             Sajaya Kakarla                     Women &Transgender organisations JAC                                Telangana

184             Anjoo Daswani                     Individual                Maharashtra

185             Ramdas Rao                        PUCL                     Karnataka

186             anant bhatnagar                   PUCL                     Rajasthan

187             Anuradha Banerji                  Independent researcher and activist      Delhi

188             Madhukar Dube                    Private citizen         Maharashtra

189             Sundar singh                        संविधान मित्र मण्डल    Rajasthan

190             Saheli Women’s Resource Centre                       –    Delhi

191             Anna Joseph                        Navajeevana Rehabilitation Centre                 Karnataka

192             Marcia DCunha                    ICWM Indian Christian Womens Movement Maharashtra

193             Berna                                  Osm                       Westbengal

194             Kailash Mina                        NAPM Rajasthan    Rajasthan

195             Maimoona Mollah                 Women’s rights activist AIDWA Delhi         Delhi

196             Nisha Biswas                       Kolkata                   West Bengal

197             Kripal singh mandloi             Social activist          Madhya Pradesh

198             Meera Sanghamitra              NAPM                    Telangana

199             Swarna Bhat                        Gramina Koolie Karmikare Sanghatane (GRAKOOS)                     Karnataka

200             Ankit kumar                          Khori gaon              Hariyana

201             RANJANA.MANGALAGIRI    Nil                          Maharashtra

202             Partha Dey                           (individual)              West Bengal

203             Dinaz irani                            I am an individual.   Maharashtra

204             Vertika Mani                         PUCL                     Delhi

205             Shivani Tripathi                    Student                  Delhi

206             Azzaz ahmed Abbasi            Jan kalyan sansthan jaipur rajasthan Rajasthan

207             Nina Verma                          NA                         Maharashtra

208             Ranjeet Kindo                      Tribal Research and Training Centre      Jharkhand

209             Siddharth K J                       Independent Researcher, Bengaluru Karnataka

210             Prema                                 RHoSS                   Northeast

211             Nagmani Rso                       Stri Mukti Andolan Sampark Samiti                Maharashtra

212             Cedric Prakash                     Human Rights and Peace Activist                 Gujarat

213             Victor Fernandes                  SOCHARA             Karnataka

214             Bhanwar Meghwanshi           Pucl                       Rajasthan

215             Arundhati Dhuru                   NAPM                    Uttar Pradesh

216             Uma Shankari                      Indian citizen          Andhra Pradesh

217             Subhamay Ghoshal              Individual                West Bengal

218             Sandeep Pandey                  Socialist Party India      Uttar Pradesh

219             वसुधा सरदार                          नवनिर्माण न्यास          महाराष्ट्र

220             Yash Agrawal                       Fridays For Future  Maharashtra

221             Amrita Shodhan                    Independent scholar     Gujarat

222             Aruna Roy, Nikhil and Shankar MKSS          (MKSS) Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan   Rajasthan

223             Karen Gabriel  St Stephen’s College Delhi

224             Manju sharma Freelance work         Rajasthan

225             Jaya Sagade   Law and human Rights          Maharashtra

226             Ruchira Gupta New York University  India

227             Anubhuti          Educator         Delhi

228             Chhaya Basu   Retired teacher         Delhi

229             Aruna G          Retired            Tamil Nadu

230             Anisha             Personal         Maharashtra

231             Ajay Sharma    University of Georgia GA, United States

232             anjali ojha        journalist         Delhi

233             Institute of Cooperative Organization Multiple Delhi

234             Dr. Kochurani Abraham          Indian Women Theologians Forum      Kerala

235             Vibhuti Patel    Teaching         Maharashtra

236             Amita Pitre      Independent    Maharashtra

237             Samik Bandyopadhyay                             None       West Bengal

238             Sandeep Ravindranath                             Filmmaker                Kerala

239             हर्षा                        सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता         Madhya Pradesh

240             Roop Rekha Verma                                  Activist     Uttar Pradesh

241             Charanpreet           Bhagat singhbAcademy  Chhattisgarh

242             Nagesh Hegde       None                          Karnataka

243             Sagari Ramdas      Food Sovereignty Alliance , India Telangana

244             Shanti Raman        Mahatma Gandhi Samaj Bihar

245             RAJEEV KUMAR KUNWAR                      DUTA      DELHI

246             Hasina khan           Bebaak collective         Mahrashtra

247             Vijaylakshmi joshi   PUCL. Rajasthan         Rajasthan

248             Natasha Pereira     Fridays for future         Maharashtra

249             Madhulika              Jal Jungle Jameen Andolan         Rajasthan

250             Akhil Chaudhary, Advocate                       PUCL      Rajasthan

251             Bijaya Chanda        Advocate                    West Bengal

252             Zulkarnain Kagalwalla                               Self         Maharastra

253             K. Padma               Committee for Release of Political Prisoners                Andhra Pradesh

254             Geetha Ramakrishnan                              Unorganised Workers’ Federation               Tamil Nadu

255             Dr. Sultan Mahmud All India Students Association      Karnataka

256             Anjali                     Democracy Festival Committee, Pune                Maharashtra

257             Sujata Gothoskar   Forum Against Oppression of Women                Maharashtra

258             Ashalatha S           Individual                    Telangana

259             Sathya S                Consultant                  Karnataka

260             Neesha Jhaveri      Nil                               Maharashtra

261             Geetha Ramakrishnan                              Unorganised Workers’ Federation               Tamil Nadu

262             Anita Dighe            None                          Uttar Pradesh

263             Manisha Banerjee  Bangla Sanskriti Mancha West Bengal

264             Gayathri Subramanian                              None       Karnataka

265             Abha Jeurkar         TISS                           Maharashtra

266             P.shankar              Dalit bahujan Front      Telangana

267             Soumitra Ghosh     Activist                        West Bengal

268             Deepthi                  Dalit women’s collective  Telangana

269             Chinmay Mishra     Self                             Madhyapradesh

270             Roopa Rathnam     Independent Researcher Karnataka

271             वर्षा गुप्ते                  समाजवादी महिला सभा महाराष्ट्र         महाराष्ट्र

272             Mujahid                 Gujarat                       Gujarat

273             Randell Dcruz        Reforms                      Maharashtra

274             Afaque Azad          Bharat Bachao Aandolan Maharashtra

275             Annie Namala        WNTA                         Delhi

276             Shephali Dighe       Concerned Indian citizen Gujarat

277             Manju K                 Activist                        Delhi

278             Milind Chavan        Lokshahi Utsav Samittee Maharashtra

279             Sukla Sen              PUCL, Maharashtra     Maharashtra

280             Quresh Maskati      Nil                               Maharashtra

281             Sharad Javadekar  Akhil Bharati Samajwadi Shikshan Hakka Sabha       maharashtra

282             Rinku parihar         National foundation for social development                Rajasthan

283             Admiral L Ramdas  Individual                    Maharashtra

284             Varughese Cherian All India Professionals Congress Karnataka

285             Neena vyas            Retired from the Hindu now freelance journalist   Delhi

286             Babu Rao Kalapala Human Rights Forum   Telangana

287             Ashim Kumar Dey  APDR                         West Bengal

288             Sahil Parmar          Personal                     Gujarat

289             Jennifer Liang        Independent consultant   Assam

290             Anandi                   Student                       Uttar Pradesh

291             susmita sinha         FIR                             West Bengal

292             N. Jyothi                NFIW                          Telangana

293             Himanshu Thakkar SANDRP                     Delhi

294             Ibrahim khan          Pune                           Maharashtra

295             Virginia Saldanha   ICWM                         Maharashtra

296             Prof B N Reddy      Retd.Professor,           Osmania University,Hyderabad ,Tekangana

297             Sagar Dhara          SAPACC                     Telangana

298             KhalidaParveen      Social activist              Telangana

299             Ghufran Siddiqui     Peoples Alliance          Uttar Pradesh

300             Shabnam               Vishakha organisation  Rajasthan

301             Naghma Zafir         ✊✊🤝🤝                Delhi

302             Jashodhara Dasgupta                               Independent Researcher                            Uttarakhand

303             Shantanu               Self-employed             Maharashtra

304             Tapas Chakraborty APDR                         West Bengal

305             A Sakira Banu        Independent Volunteer Tamilnadu

306             D krishna kumari    Nfiw                            Telangana

307             Sandhya Panaskar Individual                    Maharaashtra

308             Shalini Gera           Lawyer, High Court of Chhattisgarh                CHHATTISGARH

309             Renu bala              DTF                            Delhi

310             Manoranjan Swain  Gram Swaraj               Odisha

311             Holiram Terang      Political activist            Assam

312             मीना सिंह                 अखिल भारतीय प्रगतिशील महिला एसोशिएशन                उत्तर प्रदेश

313             E A S Sarma          Forum for Better Visakha Andhra Pradesh

314             इंगोले श्रीकृष्ण सदाशिव                                  तळेगाव भो. ता.देवणी जि.लातूर     महाराष्ट्र

315             Tara M Rai             Democracy Collective  Maharashtra

316             Usha Rai                Independent journalist Haryana

317             Anjaneyulu             Social worker              Hyderabad

318             Aruna                    Womens jac                TELANGANA

319             Malika Virdi            Uttarakhand Mahila Manch                Uttarakhand

320             Prabhakar Arade    AIFETO                      Maharashtra

321             R.Venkat Reddy     M.V,Foundation           Telangana

322             Vijay Salunkhe       Banker                        MAHARASHTRA

323             Mohammad Shiraz Advocate                    Kerala

324             sd lalita                  Individual                    Maharashtra

325             Vikas b desai         Aibea                          Maharashtra

326             Anil kumar             DU                              NCT OF Delhi

327             Suneetha A            Women and Transgender Organisations Joint Action                            Telangana

328             Altaf Ahmed           APDR                         West Bengal

329             Elsa Muttathu         Forum of Religious for Justice and Peace                Delhi

330             Akhil Gogoi            Raijor Dal, Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti, Assam      Assam

331             RAMESH K C        AIBEA                         Karnataka

332             Apeksha Vora        Independent                Maharashtra

333             Kanchan                IDS, Jaipur                  Rajasthan

334             Meeta Singh           PUCL                          Rajasthan

335             Julie                      Lawyer                        Maharashtra

336             Sanjay Deshpande Bank                           Maharashtra

337             Subhash Lomte      Jai kisan Andolan – Swaraj Abhiyan’s                Maharashtra

338             Rajesh Kumar        DSG                           Delhi

339             Shrimant Bibhishan kothawale                   Bank                MAHARASHTRA

340             Jimmy                   Centre for culture and development                Gujarat

342             कलादास डेहरीया       छत्तीसगढ़ मुक्क्ति मोर्चा मजदूर कार्यकर्ता समिति                छत्तीसगढ़

343             Mahendra              Narmada Bachao Andolan          Madhya Pradesh

344             Amar Jesani           independent Researcher Maharashtra

345             Anand yagnik         Lawyer                        Gujarat

346             Dr P A Azeez         Freelance                    Tamilnadu

347             Santosh Sharma    Women’s Rights Activist  Delhi

348             Suraj Das               Ujjiban Society            West Bengal

349             Krishna Sengupta   Retired y                     Delhi

350             Deepak Jain           Boi                              Madhya Pradesh

351             शकुन्तला                 राजसमंद महिला मंच        राजस्थान

352             राहुल यादव              नर्मदा बचाओ आंदोलन      मध्यप्रदेश

353             Qudsia Tabassum  Social activists            Telangana

354             Stella Kujur            Women uplifetment      Jharkhand

355             Ritwik                    Mahila yuva azaad manch           Uttar Pradesh

356             Qudsia Tabassum  Social activists            Telangana

357             Jasveen Jairath      Human rights activist   Telangana

358             Jacob Nellithanam  Richharia Campaign    Chhattisgarh

359             Nirmala                  FMA                           Tamil Nadu

360             Roma                    All India Union of Forest Working People UP

361             Madhu Bhushan     Women’s rights activist Karnataka

362             महेन्द्र यादव              NAPM Patna               बिहार

363             N harinder              HRF                            TELENGANA

364             AMITA                   Mati                            Chattisgarh

365             Sr janet                 Cjm                            West Bengal

366             Devalrani Dharker  None                          Maharashtra

367             Sr. Alphonsa Vattoly                                 Provincial- Sisters of Charity- Hyderabad                Telangana

368             Sitaram Shelar       Pani Haq Samiti          Maharashtra

369             Vilas Kirote            Rashtra seva dal         Maharashtra

370             Poonam kanojiya    Ghar bachao Ghar banao andolan                Maharashtra

371             Akshaykumar Swami                                Bank of india                Maharashtra

372             Sowmya Dechamma CC                           UoH         Telangana

373             Manish Ravindra Deshpande                     Napm Barshi                Maharashtra

374             Sunila Scn             Sistera of charity of Nazareth      Botswana

375             Prasad Gajanan Kirpekar                          Banking                Maharashtra

376             Varghese Theckanath                               CHATRI   Telangana

377             Naveen S               Independent                Karnataka

378             Koel Chatterji         Feminists in Resistance  West Bengal

379             Nigamananda Sadangi                              PUCL, Odisha                Odisha

380             Muniza Khan          Gandhian institute of studies       Uttar Pradesh

381             Ajaya Kumar Singh Individual                    Odisha

382             Roma Malik            All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP) Delhi and UP

383             Syed Kamal           None                          Georgia

384             Amala                    yes                             Tamilnadu

385             Shashank dubey    Psu                             Mp

386             Indira Pancholi       Researcher                 Rajasthan

387             Ashok Chowdhury  All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP) Delhi and Uttar Pradesh

388             sr. sebastina          SMMI                         Tamil nadu

389             Lilly                        Sisters                        Andhra Pradesh

390             Bela Bhatia            Bastar                         Chhattisgarh

391             Razia Patel            Janamukti sangharsh vahini                Maharashtra

392             Kavitha Kuruganti   Farmers’ rights activist Karnataka

393             Sunitha                  Society                       Karnataka

394             Babu Laxman Madur                                Retired Bank Officer                Maharashtra

395             Jameelabegum      Ssvs, GBGBA             Maharashtra

396             Lisa Pires               Presentation Sisters    Goa

397             Rushda                  National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW)     New Delhi

398             Deepti Bharati        National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW)     New Delhi

399             Mano                     Salesian sisters           Tamil nadu

400             Annie Raja             National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW)     New Delhi

401             Shewli Kumar         Professor                    Maharshtra

402             Sarah Mathews      Sankalp Women’s Support Alliance                Telangana

403             SOUMYA DUTTA   Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha All india

404             Sanjeev Kumar Danda                              Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch (DASAM)        New Delhi

405             S. Jeevan Kumar    Human Rights Forum   Telangana &Andhra Pradesh

406             Kishor idhate          Bank of india staff        Maharashtra

408             Ratna                    Empire Diaries             Delhi NCR

409             Harshad Mahule     Bank Of India              Maharashtra

410             Shanti Picardo        Forum of peace and justice         West Bengal

411             Withdraw the FIR against Medha Patkar    Pbvm       Goa

412             Yashodhan Patil     Shabd Publication        Maharashtra

413             Irene DSa              Self employed             Maharashtra

414             Shashank S R        People’s Union for Civil Liberties – Karnataka                Karnataka

415             RUDRASHISH CHAKRABORTY                Associate Professor, DU.          DELHI

416             बिजय भाई                भारत जन आन्दोलन         मध्यप्रदेश-छत्तीसगढ़

417             Sachin Sudhakar Deshpande                    Bank of India                Maharashtra

418             John Britto.            Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel.   Tamilnadu

419             A P Josy                PUCL                          Chhattisgarh

420             Sonu Yadav           Delhi Solidarity Group  Delhi

421             Shanthi Selvi          With draw Fire against Medha Patkar and save trees Tamilnadu

422             Ulhas                     Bank Emplyoee           Maharashtra

423             Asma khan            ASWF                         Bihar

424             Arvind Jakka          Communist party of India,Jan andolanachi sangharsh samittee.               Maharashtra

426             Antony Francis       No                              Kerala

427             P Raghu                Individual                    Andhra Pradesh

428             Kamayani              JJSS                           Bihar

429             Cesare Ottolini       International Alliance of Inhabitants                Italy

430             S.Durga Bhavani    Education                    Telangana

431             Rohini Hensman     Writer, researcher and activist                Maharashtra

432             Saba Kohli Dave    MKSS                         Delhi

433             Rajkumar Bharat    Sarvodaya Mandel Samaj &SKM ,किसान जागृति सगठन ,राष्ट्रीय आम जन बिर्गेड /सारा भारत*               उतर प्रदेश मे कर्म भूमि गृह राज्य हरियाना प्रदेश

434             Neha k                   None                          Maharashtra

435             Amol Barve            ahmednagar                Maharashtra

436             Pushpa Lalitha       Deepanjali                   Haryana

437             Dnyaneshwar         Bank of i dia                Maharashtra

438             PRAFULL kengale  Bank of India               Maharashtra

439             Bratati Pande         Democratic Teachers’ Front        Delhi

440             Denzil Fernandes   Social Action Trust      Delhi

441             Varghese Manimala                                  Capuchins                Kerala

442             Shweta                  Bhumi Adhikar Andolan   Uttar Pradesh

443             Meenal Utturkar     Samata Vichar Prasarak Sanstha, Thane                Maharashtra

444             Moushumi Basu     JNU                            Delhi

445             Sathish Reginald Samuel                          ECODAWM                Karnataka

446             Pranit Sinha           None                          West Bengal

447             Mary Mendes         Freelancing                 Delhi

448             Vijay vasant mahadik                                RATNAGIRI                Maharashtra

449             R.Mayaraj              Khudai khidmatgaar     Tamilnadu

450             Srinivasan G          Citizen of India            Karnataka

451             krishna vs              Human Rights Forum   Andhra Pradesh

452             Dia Da Costa         University of Alberta    Delhi

453             Jess                      Social work                 Raj

454             T. U Rosamma Jyoti                                 Ekta Sangharsh Vahini       Bihar

455             Alwyn D’Souza       Indian Social Institute, Delhi        Delhi

456             Elizabeth Sebastian                                  Salesian   Tamilnadu

457             Neeraj Malik           Delhi University           Uttar Pradesh

458             Robancy Amal        Freelancer                  Tamil Nadu

459             Abha bhaiya           One billion rising          Himachal

460             Pradeep Yashwant Bhatkar                       Retired Bank Employee Maharashtra

461             Dr.Vaishali Patil      Forum Against Disastrous projects in Konkan     Maharashtra

462             Rina Tirkey            Holy Cross VTI            Jharkhand

463             Flora                      Pbvm                          Tamilnadu

464             Clifton D’ Rozario   All India Lawyers Association for Justice                Karnataka

465             Ayesha Sayani       None                          Maharashtra

466             Kunal Gupta          Student                       Odisha

467             Nikita Naidu           Climate Action Consultant           Telangana

468             Ramakant Patil       Palghar                       Maharashtra

469             Manav Kamble       Swaraj Abhiyan           Maharashtra

470             Sujata Jena            Social Activist              Odisha

471             Roselyn                 Nazareth convent        Bihar

472             Dipak Roy              None                          Odisha

473             Ena Zafar              DASAM                       Delhi

474             N Venugopal          Journalist                    Telangana

475             Rekha gadge         Mumbai                      Maharashtra

476             Shalu Nigam          Advocate                    Delhi

477             Rt                          Bank of india               Mh

478             Sujata Pradhan      None                          Gujarat

479             VIJAY TAMBE        Sewagram collective    Maharashtra

480             Amit Kumar            Independent Researcher Bihar

481             Jose                      HRF                            Telangana

482             Sebastian Kuthukallunkal                          Capuchins                Andhra Pradesh

483             Kamla Panna         Charhi Haz                  Jharkhand

484             Wilson Lajrus George                               Darjeeling West Bengal

485             shashi pandit          All India Kabadi Mazdoor Mahasangh(AIKMM)              Delhi

486             Pandavath Baburaj Noaffiliation                 Kerala

487             Cheryl Dsouza       Advocate                    Delhi

488             Kiran Moghe          CITU                           Maharashtra

489             Dr Sunilam             किसान संघर्ष समिति         Madhya Pradesh

490             Florence Fernandes                                  Individual. Tribal Empowerment                        Maharashtra

491             Adv Jose Kallely     Montfort social centre, kusumkot Khurd                Maharashtra

492             Seethalakshmi       Independent Researcher Telangana

493             Suranjan Sinha       Independent researcher  Haryana

494             Medha Purao Samant                               Micro Finance                Maharashtra

495             Md Israfil                Bharat Bangladesh Pakistan people’s Forum                West Bengal

496             Brinelle D’souza     Justice Coalition of Religious                Maharashtra

497             Rehan                   Independent                Delhi

498             Ruth Manorama     Women’s Voice, Karnataka         Karnataka

499             Sonalimayee Sahu Odisha Right to Food Campaign  Odisha

500             Sherly Keeranchira Medical Mission Sisters  Kerala

501             Sreeharsha Thanneeru                             Rythu Swarajya Vedika      Telangana

502             Vivek                     Independent/ Banker   Haryana

503             Sr.Poonam CJ       Chirag                         Bihar

504             Rajiv Gupta            Former Professor and Head department of sociology university of rajasthan jaipur                       Rajasthan

505          Anjana Mangalagiri                             Retired New Delhi

506          Rajeshwari Joshi Jagruta mahila okkuta          Karnataka

507          Debasish Dutta   All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC)              West Bengal

508          Augustine           Personal                   Illinois

509          Mukta                Social activist           Maharashtra

510          Vimal Bhai          National Alliance of People’s Movements              Haryana

511          Aryan Srivastava Ashoka University     Maharashtra

512          VIJAY KUMAR    CPI (M-L) Red Star   Madhya Pradesh

513          रविकान्त              एसो. प्रोफेसर, लखनऊ विश्वविद्यालय         यूपी

514          Surendra Kumar Ex Secretary, Gandhi Peace Foundation              Bihar

515          Rekha Awasthi    Janwadi Lekhak Sangh        Delhi

516          Rosamma Thomas                             No affiliation     Kerala

517          Rosina               Mpdwm                    Madhya pradesh

518          Swatija               FAOW                      Maharashtra

519          Aysha                Right to Food Campaign       Delhi

520          Joemon James   Janvikas                   M.p

521          Nakul Singh Sawhney                         Chalchitra Abhiyaan              Delhi

522          Anil Varghese     Individual                  Kerala

523          M.saidaiah          CPI (ML) Red Star    Telangana

524          Bijayalaxmi Biswal                              London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine       UK

525          Tuhin Deb          Revolutionary Cultural Forum (RCF)  Delhi

526          Brennan             Loop Mobile              Maharashtra

527          Leena Dabiru      Anhad                      Delhi

528          laji paul              Individual                  Delhi

529          Laxminarayan Acharya                       MONNA           Odisha

530          Mohsin Jamali    none                        Texas, USA

531          S Subramanian   Independent Researcher      Tamil Nadu

532          Alok Shukla        Chhattisgarh Bachao Andolan              Chhattisgarh

533          Sanjay Kak         Filmmaker                Delhi

534          Alaka Rao          RUWA                      Rajasthan

535          Poonam             Main aap sabhi ke sath milkar kam karna chahte hu          Rajasthan

536          Eric Pinto           NAPM                      Goa

537          Anjana P K         Narmada Bachao Andolan    Madhya Pradesh

538          Sanjay M G        National Vice President, Shramik Janata Sangh              Maharashtra

539          Ursula Pinto        CJM                         Maharashtra

540          Alaka Rao          RUWA                      Rajasthan

541          Rupa P               FFF, Mumbai            Maharashtra

542          Jaya Vindhyala   PUCL-TS                  Telangana

543          Rohin Kumar      Author & Journalist    Delhi

544          Sr. Shaila Barreto                               Sisters of the Cross              Goa

545          Aarti                   Sajhe sapne             Himachal pradesh

546          Sanjana Banka   Ashoka University     West Bengal

547          Alice Erani          Navachetana            Karnataka

548          Mohd Abuzar Choudhary                    Independent Journalist              Delhi

549          Sadhna Arya      Saheli                       Delhi

550          नीरा                    भिलाई                       छत्तीसगढ़

551          Narinder Bhatia   Concerned Citizen    Delhi

552          Sujit Patwardhan Environmental NGO  Maharashtra

553          Sabina Martins   Bailancho Saad        Goa

554          Philomena Sequeira                           St.Elias High School              Maharashtra

555          Gajanan Rambhau Tandale                Salaried              Maharashtra

556          Kusum               AILRC                      Maharashtra

557          Anil Hebbar        Bharat Jodo Abhiyan Maharashtra

558          P J James          Political Activist         Kerala

559          Sr. Geeta           Personal                   Rajasthan

560          Subha                Individual                  Tam8l nadu

561          Vidya Naik          Social Worker           Maharashtra

562          Sr. Justine Gitanjali Senapati              Sisters of St. Joseph              Odisha

563          Dwiji guru           NAPM Karnataka      Karnataka

564          Theresa Charles D’Souza                   कार्य क्षेत्र Maharashtra

565          Malti Gupta        RUWA-                    Rajasthan

566          Krishna m.nair    Gbgb activists           Maharashtra

567          Barnali Pain        Search Now              West Bengal

568          Rina Kamath      Independent citizen   Maharashtra

569          Vishesh Guru     Graduate student      Karnataka

570          N. Jayaram        PUCL                       Karnataka

571          Prafulla Samantara                             Lok Shakti Abhiyan              Odisha

572          Jayant                Social                       UP

573          Akansha patel     Student                    Uttar pradesh

574          Silvia                  Individual                  Tamil nadu

575          Dr. Rupnarayan sett                           Retired West bengal

576          Dr.k.Rajani         NFIW                       Telangana

577          Prafulla Samantara                             Lok Shakti Abhiyan              Odisha

578          Shubhada Deshmukh                         Kurkheda Dist Gadchiroli              Maharashtra

579          Sneha Gill          Adv.                         Delhi

580          Anita                  Self                          Rajasthan

581          Roopashri Sinha NGO freelance consultant    Maharashtra

582          Dr. Mira Shiva     Public Health Physician        Delhi

583          Sridhar A            NA                           Kerala

584          Shalinee Buragohain                          NBA     Assam

585          Heena                TISS, mumbai          Maharashtra

586          Dr Abhijit Vaidya Arogya Sena            Maharashtra

587          Sathish Reginald Samuel                    ECODAWM      Karnataka

588          Shailaja Aralkar  Unorganized workers           Maharashtra

589          Shailaja Aralkar  Unorganized workers           Maharashtra

590          Shankar Gawali  Lokashahi Utsav Samite, Pune              MAHARASHTRA

591          Flavia                 Education                 Goa

592          Bhargavi             Secular Intervention  Telangana

593          Rameswari Varma                              None   Karnataka

594          Prashant Kothadiya                            Education and Social Development                    Maharashtra

595          Benny Kuruvilla   Researcher              Kerala

596          Milind Champanerkar                         NAPM  Maharashtra

597          Vikas Dhiman     Individual                  Maine, USA

598          Mukund kirdat     Purush uvach           Maharashtra

599          A.Mahaboob Batcha                           SOCO Trust Madurai              Tamil Nadu

600          K Jangaiah         UF-RTI, HRF            Telangana State

601          Ujwala Mehendale                              Miloon Saryajani Monthly              Maharashtra

602          Archana More     Individual                  Maharashtra

603          firoz                   school teacher          delhi

604          Sunita Viswanath                                Hindus for Human Rights              New York

605          Amita                 Advocate                  Delhi

606          Shruti Tambe      Education                 Maharashtra

607          Devangana Kalita                               Student            New Delhi

608          Ram sharan       Ganga mukti andolan           Bihar

609          Anjali chipalkatti  Teacher                   Maharashtra

610          Akriti Bhatia        PAIGAM – People’s Association in Grassroot Action and Movements      Delhi

611          MADHURI SHUKLA                            Pt. J.N.M.medical college              Chhattisgarh

612          shubham kothari Jan haq sangarsh samiti       Maharashtra

613          Amarjit singh      AlBA                        Maharashtra

614          Sandeep Pandey Socialist Party (India)           Uttar Pradesh

615          Vinita devas        SV Devas                 Maharashtra

616          Shalmali Guttal   Researcher              Goa

617          Jayant B. Joshi   –                              Maharashtra

618          Anushree           Nitara                       Delhi

619          Anitha Chettiar    Prabhatara Delhi       Delhi

620          RAVINDRA VORA                              Nature Foundation              Maharashtra

621          अविनाश कदम       श्रमिक मुक्ती दल          महाराष्ट्र

622          Umesh Pakalapati                              Labor Professional              Texas, USA

623          Malti deshmukh  Gram seva mandal    Maharashtra

624          K VIJAY RAO     None                        Haryana

625          Naresh Guvva    None                        Andhra Pradesh

626          Sarita Ramesh Awad                          Vicharvedh              Maharashtra

627          पूर्वा कुशवाहा         Womens Rehabilitation Group          Rajasthan

628          Cavery Bopaiah  Swaraj India             Karnataka

629          Meenal Sohoni    Anubandh Sanstha   Maharashtra

630          Dr. In Manjari Ray                              College teacher              West Bengal

631          Pradeep Khelurkar                             Sewagram Collective              Maharashtra

632          Bharat Dogra      Journalist                 Delhi

633          Poornima Chikarmane                        Researcher              Maharashtra

634          Shaikh Ghulam Rasool                       J&K RTI Movement      IN

635          Subhash Ware    NAPM, Maharashtra Maharashtra

636          Shaikh Ghulam Rasool                       J&k RTI Movement              Jammu and Kashmir

637          Joaquim Tellis     Jesuit                       Maharashtra

638          Vasantha            WSS                        Delhi

639          Vinay R R           Science popularisation         Maharashtra

640          प्रवीण पटेल           फॉरम फोर फास्ट जस्टिन           छत्तीसगढ़

641          NOOTAN           Satyshodhak Mhila Prabodhini,wardha Maharashtra                     Maharashtra

642          Kadambini          Arunodaya ek uddan foundation        Bihar

643          Sanjeevani Kulkarni                            पालकनीती परिवार पुणे.              Maharashtra

644          Pushpraj            Freelance Journalist  BH

645          Jagdeep Chhokar                               Self      Delhi

646          N.D.Pancholi      Citizens for DEMOCRACY    UP

647          Mahendiran        Member                   Tamilnadu

648          Walter Fernandes                               NESRC            Assam

649          ग़लत कर रही है सरकार।                         ICAN   Maharashtra

650          Sanyogita Dhamdhere                        Maharashtra              Maharashtra

651          Neelima sahasrabudhe                       Pune    Maharashtra

652          Gerard Rodrick_sj                              Society of Jesus              Maharashtra

653          Dr Ashok Dhawale                              President, All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS)                   Centre/Maharashtra

654          Pravin Nadkar     TUCI                        Maharashtra

655          Beena Jadav      Rahethan Adhikar Manch -Gujarat    Gujarat

656          Ramesh Dixit      Samvidhan Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh  Uttar Pradesh

657          Vasantha Lakshmi                              Human Rights Forum              Telangana

658          Sushil Kumar      Social Activist. Janmukti Sangharsh Vahini              Bihar

659          Karuna DW        Individual                  Karnataka

660          Arul Bosco          Nothing                    Maharashtra

661          Sushil Kumar      Social Activist/ Janmukti Sangharsh Vahini.              Bihar

662          Manimanjari Mitra                               Ex Professor    West Bengal

663          Sushil Kumar      Social Activist / Janmukti Sangharsh Vahini              Bihar

664          Prashant Olalekar                              Samanvaya              Maharashtra

665          Shabnam           Individual                  Maharashtra

666          Rani Sarma        None.                       AP.

667          Neeta Chalke      Social worker            Maharashtra

668          Yuvraj Shrihari Gatkal                         Sarvoday              Maharashtra

669          C B Choudhary   Samajwadi Jan Parishad      Jharkhand

670          John DMello       PEACE, Palm Beach County Florida

671          Kishor sane        Bank                        Maharashtra

672          Mukund Bahalkar                               NAPM  Maharashtra

673          Kabeer Katlat     CPI (ML) Red Star    Kerala

674          Prasant Paikray  Anti-Jindal & Anti-POSCO Movement              Odisha

675          B. Youvraj          New Socialist Alternative      Maharashtra

676          Narendra            Private                     Maharashtra

677          Shiva Shankar    X                             TN

678          Francis Parmar   None                        Gujarat

679          Anand Kumawat NA                           Madhya Pradesh

680          Sujata Madhok   Independent journalist          Delhi

681          Ravindra Rukmini Pandharinath          Editor   Maharashtra

682          Paromita Dutta   RTFWB                    West Bengal

683          Josantony Joseph                              Indian citiEn              Maharashtra

684          Pradip Singha Thakur                         All India Krantikari Kisan Sabha     Working in Eleven States pradipsinghathakur1862@gmail.com

685          Bharathi Agarwal None                        Kerala

686          Shiraz bulsara prabhu                         PUCL   Maharashtra

687          Kirity Roy           Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM)                         West Bengal

688          Sugam Nayagam                               Diocese of vellore society              Tamil Nadu

689          Malini Subramaniam                           Independent Journalist              Chhattisgarh

690          Y. Arul                Napm Tamilnadu      Tamilnadu

691          संजय शामराव रेंदाळकर                          राष्ट्र सेवा दल              Maharashtra

692          अभिनय बाळाराम मोरे                             राष्ट्र सेवा दल, पालघर              महाराष्ट्र

693          Rose Thomas     Jeevithasha counseling center          Telangana

694          Frazer Mascarenhas                           Academic Administrator              Maharashtra

695          Achina Majumdar                               Retired teacher West Bengal

696          Joe Victor           Individual                  West Bengal

697          Supriya bodaji     Swadhar Chembur    Maharastra

698          Prashant Bhushan                              Campaign for judicial accountability and Reforms                               Delhi

699          Sarath Chandran Pockyarath              DMK    Tamilnadu

700          Pramod Mujumdar                             Communal Harmony              MAHARASHTRA

701          Kumkum Roy      Retired teacher         New Delhi

702          P R Vaidya         Individual                  Maharashtra

703          B.jyothi               Chaitanya mahila sangham  Telangana

704          माया देशपांडे.        NAPM                      महाराष्ट्र

705          Alok Vimal Premanand                       Foundation for Equality              Chattisgarh

706          Prakash Louis     PJMS                       Bihar

707          Nandan Dasgupta                              Researcher      Delhi

708          C Bhaskararao   Organisation for Protection of Democratic Rights, OPDR                   Andhrapradesh

709          Meena Pingle     Supporter                 Maharashtra

710          Soma Marik        RKSM VIVEKANANDA VIDYABHAVAN              West Bengal

711          Philu Dsouza      Satyashodhak           Stop harrassing activists who are genuinely caring caring for the oppressed.

712          Dr.Rashmi Borikar                              Aurangabad              Maharashtra

713          Anshuman Singh Dyal Singh College    Delhi

714          Priyanka Sarma  IIT, Guwahati            Assam

715          Alka Pawangadkar                              Lokshahi Utsav Samitee              Maharashtra

716          Kumar Kartik      Self                          Maharashtra

717          Nitin                   Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan          Madhya Pradesh

718          Jalandharnath channole                      Social worker              Maharashtra

719          Madhuri              Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan          Madhya Pradesh

720          Prakash Louis     PJMS                       Bihar

721          Padma Velaskar Tata institute of Social Sciences( Retd Prof )              Maharashtra

722          G.Jhansi            Progressive organization of women POW              Telangana

723          Prithvi R Sharma Self                          California

724          Dipak Dholakia   Indian Community Activists Network (ICAN)              Delhi

725          Vidyadhar Jagannath Thakur              Vidyadhar Jagannath Thakur    Maharashtra

726          Vikram Vajir        Individual work          Gujarat

727          Hima Bindu         Independent             Telangana

728          Rajendran Narayanan                         Azim Premji University              Karnataka

729          Jalandharnath Channole                     Sarvoday social worker              Maharashtra

730          शरद कांबळे          सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता धुळे महाराष्ट्र

731          Pasaru Alam       Taso                        West Bengal

732          Kavita Gaur        University of Delhi     Delhi

733          Ranjita               Forum for Peace and Justice            Delhi

734          Laxmi Yadav      Individual                  Maharashtra

735          हमे मेधा ताई पे पुरा विश्वास है,जिंहों ने अपना संपूर्ण जीवन,नर्मदा विस्थापियो के लीये अर्पण किया है,उनके पारदर्शी वैव्हार मे कोई भी दोष होई नाही सकता              केमिकल मजदूर सभा,मुबई                       महाराष्ट्र

736          Pratima Joshi      Mahatma Jotirao Phule Samata Pratishthaan              Maharashtra

737          Rashid Maniyar  Nashik                      Maharashtra

738          Wilfred Dcosta    Indian Social Action Forum – INSAF  New Delhi

739          Sajal Jugran       ICAN Society            Rajasthan

740          Pandi Rajaramji Channole                   Anand Niketan Sevagram,Wardha            Maharashtra

741          L.r.rao                Citu                          Maharashtra

742          Shantaram         HMS NASHIK           Maharashra

743          Jawad A J          Advocate                  Tamil Nadu

744          Shakun D           Self                          Karnataka

745          Achin Vanaik      CNDP, India             Delhi

746          Arvind Narrain    Pucl – k                    Karnataka

747          Renu Khanna     Jan Swasthya Abhiyan         Gujarat

748          ishita chakravarty                               Khnoj Ekhon    West Bengal

749          Ashim Kumar Manna                          BRATYO DIGER SWS              WEST BENGAL

750          Yvonne Rodrigues                              Citizen of my country India              Maharashtra

751          ASHOK Kumar   NCPRI                     Delhi

752          Cicilia Mendonca Withdraw FIR against Medha Patkar and Trustees Karnataka

753          Rajendra Phegade                             Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti                     Maharashtra

754          ila kambli            201,Venkatesh Apartment,Next to Sushila Hospital, Maharashtra

755          Abhishek Gijare  Citizen                      Maharashtra

756             Harini Shetty     Urban Research Centre       Karnataka [KR]

757             Aniket Sule       India March for Science, Mumbai                Maharashtra

758             Dr D Surendranath                       Kerala State Janakeeya Prathirodha Samithi           KERALA

759             Arvind Nigale    Business              Maharashtra

760             Kingsuk Dasgupta                        Vidyasagar College, Calcutta University. West Bengal

761             A.k.Malangi       CLW SANGRAMI SHRAMIK UNION West Bengal

762             Pradip Pradhan Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan    Odisha

763             Bharat              Rajasthan             Rajasthan

764             Shalu Nigam     Advocate              Delhi

765             Jyoti Gandhi     Swadhar               Maharashtra

766             MANIMALA       JOURNALISM      DELHI

767             Shantikumar Kothadiya                 Nira(412102) Dist pune                Maharashtra

768             Smitha P.G       Sanchalana          Karnataka

769             Rajendra Bahalkar                        National Alliance of People Movement Maharashtra

770             ज्योती केलकर      NAPM जन आंदोलनोंका राष्ट्रीय समन्वय    महाराष्ट्र

771             Sujato Bhadra   Human Right Activist            West Bengal

772             Sa                    Sachin Sonawane Maharashtra

773             Aslam Isak Bagwan                      Incredible samajsavek group ,               Maharashtra

774             Megha              Academics           Maharashtra

775             Saleth shalini    FSM, Varanasi.     U.p.

776             Md samsul Halsona                      Apdr        West Bengal

777             Vijaya pratap Asbe                        Keshav Gore trust ,Goregaon west ,Mumbai                   Maharastra

778             Deepak Bhandari                          Palghar    Maharashtra

779             Devidas Tuljapurkar                      Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation       Maharashtra

780             Sirat Satpute     Rashtra Seva Dal  Maharashtra

781             Ratna Raman   Sri Venkateswara College    Delhi

782             Sunilchandra Mahadev Nimbkar    Rastra Seva Dal                Maharashtra

783             Pooja Thakur    Assistant Professor  Maharashtra

784             Smita Gandhi    Retd. Process or, Mumbai University                Maharashtra

785             Girija Boddupalli                            Social activist                TELANGANA

786             Ashwini             Researcher          Maharashtra

787             Vilas Bhongade Gosekhurd prakalpagrastha sangharsh samiti                Maharashtra

788             Praket Sharmila Dhananjay           Film Industry                Maharashtra

789             Abhijit Hegshetye                          Matrumandir Devrukh                Maharashtra

790             Sandhya Valluripally                      Progressive organization for women     Telangana

791             Sai tambe         Mumbai                Maharashtra

792             M.saidaiah        CPI (ML) Red Star Telangana

793             Rohit                AISA                    Karnataka

794             Manoj Kharade Rashtra seva dal   Maharashtra

795             संजीव धेडे           बँक ऑफ इंडिया मधून सेवानिवृत्त महाराष्ट्र

796             Kausumi Saha  Gender at Work    Delhi

797             SOUMEN RAY  National Platform for Small Scale Fish Workers & ICAN     West Bengal

798             Silvi Gracy Joseph                        Rashtra Seva Dal                Maharashtra

799             Alex Tuscano    Praxis                  Karnataka

800             Keshav Walke   Vajaha Foundation   Maharashtra

801             Vinay Bharadwaj                           Mahila Dakshta Samiti      N CT of Delhi

802             Neelam Girap   Education             Maharashtra

803             Sanjay Thakur  Virer                     Maharashtra

804             Deolinda Rodricks                         Personal  Maharashtra

805             Swati Sinkar      Business              Maharashtra

806             Lucas               Citizen                  Goa

807             P. K. Samant    Retired individual  Maharashtra

808             Salma Aziz       Teaching              Maharashtra

809             Calis Francis Brass                       Vasai       महाराष्ट्र

810             Shalini Mulackal                            I C W M   India

811             Dayanand Vartak                          Rashtra Seva Dal, Dist Palghar     Maharashtra

812             Rashmi Samant Swadhar               Maharashtra

813             Arpita               NA                       Rajasthan

814             Radhika Singha Independent scholar –new Delhi

815             Melroy Moraes  Friend                  Maharashtra

816             vijay waman parab                        mans       maharashtra

817             विनय थॉमस वाझ  ज्येष्ठ नागरिक           MAHARASHTRA

818             Sangram More  RSD                     Maharashtra

819             Shalaka Deshmukh                       Education Maharashtra

820             sajivsn vasudave                          NBA        Maharashtra

821             Mahesh Limbachiya                      Ghar bachao Ghar banao                Maharashtra

822             Arti Sawhny      Education             Rajasthan

823             Milan Malakar   Murshidabad Beekkhan        Wesr Bengal

824             Arati Baride       Z. B. Patil College, Dhule.    Maharashtra

825             rita puthenkalam                           personal  Tamil Nadu

826             Rajiv Daryanani Aam Admi Party   Maharashtra

827             Nupur Dasgupta                           Jadavpur University                West Bengal

828             Renuka Kalpana                           Journalist Maharashtra

829             Hemant D Save 307, Churchgate Chambers, Maharashtra

830             MANISHA SHARMA                     JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY                WEST BENGAL

831             Sohini Ghosh    Vidyasagar College  West Bengal

832             ABHIK KUMAR DEY                     Pensioner            West Bengal

833             Anupa k Tamhane                        Keshav Gore Smarak Trust                Maharashtra

834             Ramesh Awasthi                           पीयूसीएल   Maharashtra

835             Philip Pinto       Congregation of Christian Brothers                Chandigarh

836             Ishita Chatterjee                           Independent researcher                Maharashtra

837             Prakash Meghe C N D P               Maharashtra

838             Rajashri            डॉक्टर                   महाराष्ट्र

839             Rakhi Mookherjee                        Nabagram Hiralal Paul College     West Bengal

840             Satish Kamat    Ratnagiri district    Maharashtra

841             Gita Shah         Architecture Yog   Gujarat

842             Gita Shah         Architecture Yog   Gujarat

843             swati desai        PSS                     Gujrat

844             Poonam Batra   Delhi university     Delhi

845             Jyoti bhai Desai retired educationalist            gujrat

846             सुरेश धोपेश्वरकर   निवृत्त बॅंक कर्मचारी   मुंबई, महाराष्ट्र.

847             Shubhada Nikharge                      Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden Foundation           Maharashtra

848             Subrata Nag Choudhury                Service / demand – Withdraw FIR           West Bengal

849             Keerti Jayaram Individual              Delhi

850             Rukaiya            Professor             Maharashtra

851             Padmashri laxman vaidya             Rashtra seva dal                Maharashtra

852             Anant Phadke   Shramik Mukti Dal (D)          Maharastra

853             Sahana Nag Chowdhury               Service    West Bengal

854             Dr.Sugan Baranth                         Sarvoday Sewak  Maharshtra

855             Neeta               Personal               Maharashtra

856             Dr.Sugan Baranth                         Sarvoday Sewak                Maharashtra

857             Sankar Nath Chatterjee                APDR      West Bengal

858             Dr. Indrani Sarkar                         Visyasagar college. Affilied University of Calcutta        West Bengal

859             Ipsita Chanda    College                 West Bengal

860             धनाजी गुरव.        श्रमिक मुक्ती दल लोकशाहीवादी. Maharashtra

861             Uday Narkar     Communist Party of India (Marxist)                Maharashtra

862             Anushka Rawat Dr. BR Ambedkar University Delhi    DELHI

863             Suganya           Nalvinai                Tamilnadu

864             Alex                            Indian                  Maharashtra

865             Sarojini N                    Public Health        Delhi

866             Prabha Purohit             Maharashtra ANIS    Maharashtra

867             Snehasis Mondal         Assistant Professor   West Bengal

868             Hemant Athavale         Nil                        Karnataka

869             partha mukherjee         APDR                  West Bengal

870             SUNIL FARSOLE         GRAM SEVA MANDAL WARDHA.8                Maharashtra

871             Sevak Milind                Indian Citizen       Karnataka

872             Brian B Noronha          None                    Maharashtra

873             Aniket Basu                 Vidyasagar College   West Bengal

874             Shyam Pakhare           Sewagram Collective, Swaraj India,                Maharashtra

875             Sevak                          Constitution of India  Bharat

876             Gauri Deshmukh          Education field      Maharashtra

877             Nishikant Bhalerao       Individual              Maharashtra

878             Lima Kanungo             Nil                        Delhi

879             Amitadyuti Kumar        APDR                  West Bengal

880             संदीप चोपडेकर              राष्ट्र सेवा दल            महाराष्ट्र

881             Prerika thakur              –                          Maharashtra

882             Avani Chokshi              All India Lawyers Association for Justice                Karnataka

883             डॉ. यशवंत सोनुने             महात्मा गांधी अध्ययन केंद्र, जालना महाराष्ट्र

884             Ashwini Nikimbh           House wife           Maharashtra

885             Vinita Balekundri          Maharashtra         Maharashtra

886             Nishikant Bhalerao       Individual              Maharashtra

887             Sumitra                       SJC School          Maharashtra

888             Jayashree Awade        NAPM                  Maharashtra

889             Geetali V M                 Purush Uvach       Maharastra

890             Antara Dev Sen           Journalist             Delhi

891             Jayshree Awade          NAPM                  Maharashtra

892             L Krishnan                   None                    Karnataka

893             KIRAN J TAMBE          Nil                        Maharashtra

894             Vihaan Vee                  Individual              Karnataka

895             रूबीना खातून                 महिला, युवा आज़ाद मंच उत्तर प्रदेश

896             Nilesh shinde               Save the children  Maharashtra

897             Dr FARHANA KHATOON                        VIVEKANANDA COLLEGE WEST BENGAL

898             TONY GEORGE          SOCIETY OF JESUS                Maharashtra

899             Antara Kumar              College                West Bengal

900             Mangala Padhye          Retired teacher.    Maharashtra

901             Indira Banerjee            None                    WEST BENGAL

902             Dr. Bappaditya Biswas Bangabasi College    West Bengal

903             Ritwik Bagchi               Jadavpur University  West Bengal

904             sheba chhachhi            independent photographer     Delhi

905             Munavar                      OPMS                  Karnataka

906             Geetha Devarajan        Advocate              Tamil Nadu

907             Anjali Bhardwaj            SNS                     New Delhi

908             Amrita Johri                 SNS                     New Delhi

909             Satish gogulwar           Kurkheda dist gadchiroli                Maharashtra

910             Georgekutty kadaplackal                          Gandhian collective                Kerala

911             Rajashri Tikhe              Individual              Maharashtra

912             Prasenjit Acharya         Vidyasagar University            West Bengal

913             Virochan Raote            College of Social work, Nirmala Niketan                Maharashtra

914             Jawhar Sircar              Member of Parliament           West Bengal

915             Sharad Raj                  Independent Filmmaker                Maharashtra

916             सुरेश बेरी                       Working classma  Maharashtra

917             Rajeshwari.S               House wife           Tamil Nadu

918             Tarun Pain                   Citizen of India     West Bengal

919             Anuradha Lobo            Maharashtra Medical Council Goa

920             Raphael D’Souza         President, The Bombay Catholic Sabha                Maharashtra

921             Maggie Allessu            Vidhyadeep          Gujarat

922             Merlyn Dsa                  ICWM                  Maharashtra

923             Dr. Mario Lobo             Goa Medical Council Goa

924             RAJESH KUMAR SINGH                         DSG         Delhi

925             VIDYADHAR BHIDE    VIDYADHAR HARI BHIDE                Maharashtra

926             Sabeena Gonsalves     College of social work                Maharashtra

927             MATHEW P L              YouthAid Foundation Maharashtra

928             Murty ML                     Individual              Maharashtra

929             Alex D Mello                Individual              Maharashtra

930             Ranjana Kanhere         Social work          Maharashtra

931             Aruna Rodrigues          Sunray Harvesters    Madhya Pradesh

932             Bijayananda Mishra      No affiliation         Odisha

933             Ritambhara Shastri      Journalist             Delhi

934             Indu Prakash Singh      CityMakers Mission International                Delhi

935             Khadijah Faruqui          Human rights defender          Delhi

936             Rohan Meher               Palghar                Maharastra

937             Sachin Shrivastava      Journalist             Madhya Pradesh

938             Leena Abraham           Academic             Maharashtra

939             Anand Mazgaonkar      Environment         Gujarat

940             Swati Desai                 Rural Development   Gujarat

941             Daniel Mazgaonkar      Retired                 Gujarat

942             Akash Guha Roy          Student                West Bengal

943             Mahasweta Ganguly Punascha                Punascha Bangla                WestBengal8777

944             Altaf Ronak                  Private Service     Maharashtra

945             Xavier Jeyaraj              Social Justice and Ecology    West Bengal

946             Erica Lobo                   Nirmala Institute   Maharashtra

947             Padmabhushan Deshpande                     Lokpanchayat                Maharashtra

948             G Shikaripur                None                    Karnataka

949             Rema Kandaramath     Individual              Kerala

950             Gurtej Singh                Environment activist  Punjab

951             Dr Shobha Shinde        Retired Professor KB C North Maharashtra University                 Maharashtra

952             Dr. Abey George          Kerala RTI Movement           Kerala

953             कॉम्रेड राजन क्षीरसागर      महाराष्ट्र राज्य किसान सभा          महाराष्ट्र

954             Indra Bhatia                 Concerned citi?en Delhi

955             Balachandran              Prakriti Food         Karnataka

956             Jaya Iyer                     vimukta                Gujarat

957             Ulka Shrotri                 Tata consultancy services                Maharashtra

958             Anjan Jyoti Nath           None                    Assam

959             Abhishek Roy              NAPM (West Bengal Chapter)                West Bengal

960             Shahbaz Sherwani       Child Rights Activist  Delhi

961             Katyayani vidmahe       Prajaswamika rachayithrula vedika                Telangana

962             Rochita Talukder          Independent social development consultant.                                   West Bengal

963             K Uma                         Biome Trust         Karnataka

964             डॉ. दिलीप दत्तात्रय कदम   वैद्यकीय सेवा           महाराष्ट्र

965             Margaret DBritto          Organizational      Maharashtra

966             UMAKANT CHINTAMANI PAWASKAR     Samara Vichar Prasarak Sanstha, Thane             MAHARASHTRA

967             Alik Chakraborty          CPIML Red Star   West Bengal

968             Salim Saboowala         Sociol Activist       Maharashtra

969             Vasanti Damle             Retired                 Maharashtra

970             Mahnoor Yar khan       Nil                        Telangana

971             Tarun Sagar                ANHAD                Delhi

972             Rekha Thakur              Acter                    Maharashtra

973             K.P. Sasi                     Visual Search       Karnataka

974             Shubhangi Deshpande Nari Samata Manch, pune                Maharashtra

975             Claud Mendonca          None                    MAHARASHTRA

976             ARGHYA MITRA         APDR, Alipurduar Branch,W.B.                West Bengal

977             Latika Mansing Rajput  NNNA                  Maharashtra

978             Himanshu choubey      Teaching              M P

979             Felix Fernandes           Education             Goa

980             राहुल यादव                    नर्मदा बचाओ आंदोलन   मध्यप्रदेश

981             Patsy khan                  Independent         Maharashtra

982             Aniruddha Limaye        Independent Human Resources Consultant Maharashtra

983             Siddheshwar Ramesh Umarkar                Sevagram Ashram Pratishthan, Sevagram, Distt. Wardha                      MAHARASHTRA

984             Mamta Jaitly                Vividha                 Rajasthan

985             Shweta marathe          Social sector        Maharashtra

986             Suchitra Lakshman Vaidya                       D Ed College                Maharashtra

987             Vinod yadav                Doctor                  Madhya pradesh

988             Laxmikant Varangaonkar                         knit India Movement, NAWPH, Amravati                       Maharashtra

989             Mihir A                        Education             Maharashtra

990             Jacinta DSouza            Family Service Agency          Karnataka

991             Shaila Wagh                individual              Maharashtra

992             Jessy Jacob                individual              Kerala

993             शैला सावंत                     NAPM                  Maharashatra

994             Ikbal Khan pulli            National committee on protection of Natural Resources (NCPNR)        Karnataka

995             हेमेंद्र सिंह मंडलोई            नर्मदा बचाओ आंदोलन / बड़वानी मध्यप्रदेश                मध्यप्रदेश

996             Girish                          Lok Raj Sangathan   Maharashtra

997             M K Dasan                  CPI (ML) Red Star    Kerala

998             M K Dasan                  CPI(ML) Red Star Kerala

999             Parag Cholkar              Sarvodaya work    Maharashtra

1000          Sudhir jadhav              BKS Mumbai        Maharashtra

1001          Sunita                         Individual              Maharashtra

1002          Rose Mary Tirkey         Nandurbar            Maharashtra

1003          dinesh kothari              ca                        Madhya Pradesh

1004          Akshay                        All india Revolutionary Students Organisation                                Maharashtra

1005          Bharati Sharma            Friends of democracy                Maharashtra

1006          ALAKA BASU              Cornell University New York

1007          rami chhabra               Independent citizen   Delhi

1008          Ashok Maridas             Samvidhanada Haadiyalli      Karnataka

1009          Vanitha D                    Individual              Maharashtra

1010          Rudi Heredia               retired                  Maharashtra

1011          Rajani Rao Santosh     None                    Karnataka

1012          Devika                         Saheli                  Delhi

1013          Valerie                         School                 Maharashtra

1014          Padmasana Banerjee   Teacher               West Bengal

1015          SACHIN MALEGAONKAR                       SBVM, NASHIK                Maharashtra

1016          Amrita Sunita Anand    Independent         Goa

1017          Malati Gupte                Housewife            Maharashtra

1018          Natty                           Individual              Maharashtra

1019          Sudesh Ghoderao        Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations                                Maharashtra

1020          Syed Wajahat Ali          Student Activist, Sarojini Naidu centre for women’s studies                     Delhi

1021          Adv.Purnima Upadhyay                           Independent                Maharashtra

1022          Paresh nagar               Social worker       Madhyapradesh

1023          Avani Bansal                Lawyer                 Delhi

1024          JASMER SINGH          SELF EMPLOYED    HARYANA

1025          Sanjay Anandrao Ulape                           Ratnakar Bank Employees Union,Kolhapur           Maharastra

1026          Balasangameshwara Vollepore                AIPC         Karnataka

1027          Deepa KP                    Self                      Maharashtra

1028          Philo Thomas              Mahila Kalyan Kendre                Maharashtra

1029          Sunanda salvi              Swaadhar             Maharashtra

1030          poonam kumari            Jawaharlal Nehru University  Delhi

1031          chhaya Datar               TISS, Mumbai      Maharashtra

1032          Milan Das                    Dakshinbanga Matsyajibi Foum                West Bengal

1033          Sandhya Vijay Edlabadkar                       Jagrut Mahila Samaj Chandrapur                                 Maharashtra

1034          Sudha Arora                Jan Vasundhara   Maharashtra

1035          Prashant dubey           Social work          DELHI

1036          Bonny Frank                Nil                        Gujarat

1037          Devi                            Social worker       Telangana

1038          Madhav Mantri             Teacher               Madhya Pradesh

1039          Macwan Pushpa  Organization            Gujarat

1040          seema                doctor                      Maharashtra

1041          Ali Bhojani           Bharat Bachao Andolan     Maharashtra

1042          Anuradha Pati     Independent            Karnataka

1043          Syeda Hameed    Muslim Womens Forum     New Delhi 110025

1044          Nivedita               NA                          Maharashtra

1045          Gloria Rodricks    None                       Goa

1046          Aurea                  Presentation Sisters Delhi

1047          Arun Joshi           Retired                    Maharashtra

1048          bidhan biswas      individual                 west bengal

1049          Inchara Shanthappa                           Individual       Goa

1050          K. Sudhir             Concerned Youth for People          Tamil Nadu

1051          Rajiv Patil            Individual                 Maharashtra

1052          Shweta               House wife               Maharashtra

1053          Sabah Khan        Mumbai                   Maharashtra

1054          Kheya                 None                       Delhi

1055          Meenakshi Natarajan                          RGPRS {INC} MP

1056          Narbhinder          Associations for democratic rights Punjab                Punjab

1057          Shyam Prasad     TISS                        Karnataka

1058          Sangita Malshe    Konkan                    Maharashtra

1059          Smita Gandhi      Retd. Professor, University of Mumbai.                Maharashtra

1060          Sudheer              Cinematographer     Maharashtra

1061          Apurva                NREGA Sangharsh Morcha           Delhi

1062          Shriram Dubey    Azad Foundation      Himachal Pradesh

1063          Latha LR             Individual                 Karnataka

1064          Annie Raja          NFIW                      Delhi

1065          Feroze Mithiborwala                           Bharat Bachao Andolan                Maharashtra

1066          Adv. Saleem Yusuf Shaikh                  Practice                Maharashtra

1067          Subhash Rane     Mumbai                   Maharashtra

1068          Dean D’Cruz        Goa Bachai Abhiyan Goa

1069          Devika singh       Individual                 Delhi

1070          Rekha                 TISS                        Maharashtra

1071          vidyun                 artist                        delhi

1072          Ravinpatidar        Kawathi manawar    Mp

1073          TARUN KANTI BOSE                         ADIVASI BHARAT MAHASABHA (UNITY FORUM)                          DELHI

1074          Nityanand Jayaraman                         Vettiver Collective                Tamil Nadu

1075          Somnath Bhar     None                       West Bengal

1076          Mita Basu Roy     ABHA Mission for Social Health and Education West Bengal

1077          Venkata Hemanth Pothula                  Independent lawyer                Telangana

1078          S Thilak Raj        na                           Tamil Nadu

1079          Supriya Madangarli                             Individual       Kerala

1080          Anthony              NESRC                    Guwahati

1081          Vikram Kaushik   Management Consulting    Karnataka

1082          Nilesh Gandhi      Citizen of India         Maharashtra

1083          Anto                    Don Bosco Migrant Services          Tamil Nadu

1084          Avinash Bhutada Indian citizen/ /education   Maharashtra

1085          Amol                   Student of TISS       Maharashtra

1086          Om Prakash Singh                             Centre for Financial Accountability                      Odisha

1087          Vitthal salve         NIPM                       Maharashtra

1088          Rajesh Ramakrishnan                         ICAN Tamil Nadu

1089          Gurdip Singh       Hi-Bred India Pvt. Ltd.       Haryana

1090          John Kurrien        Retired                    Maharashtra

1091          Deepali Shantanu Kamble                   Social Worker                Maharashtra

1092          Cynthia               CJ                           Bihar

1093          Manoj kumar tomar                            N b a M p

1094          Rudi Heredia       Retired                    Maharashtra

1095          Aparna Sundar    Independent            Ontario

1096          Samir Sadekar    Nil                           Maharashtra

1097          Prabhat Sinha     Rajasthan Mazdoor Kisan Union    Rajasthan

1098          Centre sur l’asie du sud (CERAS)        CERAS          Canada

1099          Ananthoo            Safe Food Aliance / ASHA Tamilnadu

1100          Manohar Kalgunde                             Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala          Maharashtra

1101          Sunita CJ            Meja, Koraon, Prayagraj    UP

1102          Derrick Rodrigues                               Rashtra Seva Dal                Maharashtra

1103          Chetan salve       Narmada bachao aandolan                Maharashtra

1104          Prasad Zaware    Yuvak Kranti Dal      Maharashtra

1105          Satee Bhave Hall Writer                      Maharashtra

1106          Satya Prakash Rai                              Not any                Maharashtra

1107          job puthenpura.   Chaitanya Children’s Hospital         Andhra Pradesh

1108          James Herenj      NREGA Watch, Jharkhand Jharkhand

1109          Kalpana Chakravarthy                        Individual       Karnataka

1110          K Vizaya Kumar   Professor (Retired), IIT Kharagpur  Andhra Pradesh

1111          Priyanka Kumari  UNISED                   Delhi

1112          Jacob M              None                       Goa

1113          Pratap Gaikwad   Sset                        Maharashtra

1114          Sushma Varma   Karnataka Janashakthi      Karnataka

1115          Shyamala Bodhane                            Keshav Gore Smarak Trust        Maharashtra

1116          Vijaya Chauhan   NNNA                      Maharashtra.

1117          Deepak Kshirsagar                             Sane guruji smarak trust,wadghar                      Maharashtra

1118          Nagaragere Ramesh                          Peoples’ Democratic Forum      Karnataka

1119          Subhash Maher   Rashtra Seva Dal, Aurangabad District.                Maharashtra

1120          Shabana Dean    indian Muslims for Secular Democracy                Maharashtra

1121          M. R. Nandan      Retired state government service   Karnataka

1122          Akbar shaikh       ISMYM                    Maharashtra

1123          Keshav Shori       Adivasi jan Van Adhikar Manch AJVAM BASTAR Chhattisgarh         CHHATTISGARH

1124          Sanjeevani Kher  Indipendent writer and journalist                Maharashtra

1125          Asokendu Sengupta                           Retired          West Bengal

1126          Arindam Paul       Personal                  West Bengal

1127          Pk Satish            None                       Kerala

1128          YOGENDRA YADAV                          Swaraj India   Haryana

1129          Debajit Dutta       Progressive Plantation Workers Union                West Bengal

1130          Partha Dey          Amra Monbhashi      West Bengal

1131          Chetan Suryavanshi                           MASS                Maharashtra

1132          Sagar kambli       NA                          Maharashtra

1133          Kirity Roy            MASUM                   West Bengal

1134          Chandrani Mukherjee                         Personal        West Bengal

1135          Asim Giri             Cultural Activist and singer West Bengal

1136          Nataraj AS          AKVTrust                 Karnataka

1137          T. Sahu               S. A. Jaipuria College        WEST BENGAL

1138          Askari Zaidi         Citizen of india         Delhi

1139          Dr. Prasanta Chattopadhyay               Kalodhvani     West Bengal

1140          Dr. Prasanta Chattopadhyay               Kalodhvani     West Bengal

1141          Samrat Purkait    Secretary, Sonarpur Bijoy Sangha  West Bengal

1142          Rubai Dutta         None                       West Bengal

1143          Sudha cj             Chirag                     Bihar

1144          Nandita Sehgal    IAS ( resigned)         Delhi

1145          Esther                 Scholar                    Tamil Nadu

1146          Satyaki Banerjee Independent            West Bengal

1147          Archana Pan       Pondicherry University       Pondicherry

1148          Mohanan V.        NAPM                     Kerala

1149          Deepa                 All India Revolutionary Women’s Organizations                      West Bengal

1150          Mohanan V.        NAPM                     Kerala

1151          Gita Chauhan      None                       Gujarat

1152          Satyaki banerjee  Independent            West Bengal

1153          Abha Auti            Arts                         Maharashtra

1154          Kawaljeet Kaur    Loreto Convent        Jharkhand

1155          Tapas Das          NBJBA                    WB

1156          Sanchayita Dey   Loreto                     West Bengal

1157          Sanjana Banerjee                               Independent   West Bengal

1158          Madhablal Banerjee                            NAPM WEST BENGAL.SIGNED               West Bengal

1159          Mahesh Shelar    Teaching and advocacy     Maharashtra

1160          Zeenat Shaukat Ali                             Wisdom Foundation                Maharashtra

1161          Anant Burande    No                           Maharashtra

1162          Crystal Lobo        GB                          North Goa, Goa

1163          Arup Dasgupta    Association for protection of democratic rights                West Bengal

1164          Rupesh Kumar Singh                          Independent Journalist                Jharkhand

1165          Meena Godad     Individual                 Maharashtra

1166          Sunil Tambe        Mumbai                   Maharashtra

1167          Rushikesh Pralhad Sawant                 Rashtra Seva Dal                Maharashtra

1168          Jawahar Nagori   no organization.       maharashtra

1169          V.S.Roy David     National Adivasi Alliance    Karnataka

1170          Kalpana sancheti Individual                 Maharashtra

1171          Somsankar Ray   APDR                      WEST BENGAL

1172          Ambika Menon    Citizen of India         Kerala

1173          Sujay More          Rashtra Seva Dal, Palghar Maharashtra

1174          सुबोध अतुल गावड   राष्ट्र सेवा दल               महाराष्ट्र

1175          Suresh Sawant    Mumbai                   Maharashtra

1176          Smita Patil           Teacher                   Maharashtra

1177          Aliasger Bayadwala                            Bayadwala And Associates                          Maharashtra

1178          Aliasger Bayadwala( Babu seth)          Bayadwala And Associates                          Maharashtra

1179          Priya shobana     May 17 movementll  Tamilnadu

1180          Tanisha               NA                          West Bengal

1181          Marie Therese     Presentation congregation J&k union territory

1182          Sanjeev Chandorkar                           Tata Institute of Social Sciences   Maharashtra

1183          Imtiaz Popat        South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy-Vancouver         British Columbia

1184          Asavari Chandorkar                            House wife                Maharashtra

1185          Anupam Singh     Rationalist Society Haryana           Haryana

1186          Anupam Singh     Rationalist Society Haryana           Haryana

1187          Pulak Mitra          STAR                      West Bengal

1188          Pratima               Educational              UP

1189          इन्द्र नारायण सिंह     कोशी नव निर्माण मंच,सुपौल    बिहार

1190          Deboprasad Ray Choudhury               APDR            WB

1191          Tinku Khanna      Social worker           West Bengal

1192          Titas Banerjee     SADAC – South Asian Diaspora Action Collective  Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1193          Aishwarya           Jawaharlal Nehru University           New Delhi

1194          B.R.Pradhan       MOURIGRAM PARIBESH SURAKKHA COMMITTEE                      West Bengal

1195          R A Janab           Karnataka peace organization        Karnataka

1196          SIRIMANE NAGARAJ                         KARNATAKA JANASHAKTHI                    KARNATAKA

1197          HEMALATHA SHENOY                      MAHILA MUNNADE – KARNATAKA JANASHAKTHI                              KARNATAKA

1198          Ingale Devidas     Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samittee   Maharashtra

1199          Aspakali Pinjar    Maharashtra Andhashradha Nirmulan                Maharashtra

1200          vijayaraghavan cheliya                        Lohia vichara vedi & N A P M Kerala                          Kerala

1201          Ingale Devidas     Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti                Maharashtra

1202          समीर गंगाधरराव पांढरे                            श्री गीता मंडल, हिंगणघाट जि.वर्धा       महाराष्ट्र

1203          Rabindranath Sahoo                           President,Bajiraut Chhatrabash                       Odisha

1204          John                   Individual                 Maharashtra

1205          S. Raghunandana                               Kannada poet, playwright, stage-director     Karnataka

1206          Karuna M            Independent Researcher   Tamil Nadu

1207          Purnendu Mandal A.P.D.R.                  West Bengal

1208          Nibedita Das       ASHI – WB               West bengal

1209          Dimple Oberoi Vahali                          Independent activist                Shimla

1210          Laxmi Fredilis      NGO                       Maharashtra

1211          Dr. Sunil Jadhav  Rachnatmak sangharsh Samitee                Maharashtra

1212          PRADIP BASU    PRAYAS (Ekti Sachetan Nagarik Udyog)                West Bengal

1213          Rashmi Gera       None                       Maharashtra

1214          Harnek Dhaliwal   Punjabi Literary and Cultural Association Winnipeg  – Select -Manitoba

1215          Harnek Dhaliwal   Punjabi Literary and Cultural Association Winnipeg  – Select -Manitoba ha

1216          Vinod Mubayi      Insaf Bulletin            New York

1217          Meena Menon     Journalist                 Maharashtra

1218          Vinita de Vas       S. V. De Vas            Maharashtra

1219          Priyadarshi Priyam                             Chatra Yuva Sangharsh Vahini       Bihar

1220          Akhter Sadiq        Individual                 IL

1221          Henri Tiphagne    People’s Watch        Tamil Nadu

1222          Jogi Bagat           Yoga                       Texas

1223          Kalpana              Gandhigram, Tamilnadu    Tamil Nadu

1224          Nawaz Aman       INC                         Karnataka

1225          Nasree Fazalbhoy                              Retired                Maharashtra

1226          Victor Begg         Interfaith Community of Treasure Coast                Florida

1227          Michael               None                       KA

1228          Anil Nauriya         Advocate at Supreme Court of India                Delhi

1229          Asha Puri            Individual                 Delhi

1230          Nandini Rao        None                       Delhi

1231          Vikas Magdum    Hind Mazdoor Sabha Sangli                Mharashtara

1232          महेश गुरव             विद्रोही सांस्कृतिक चळवळ      महाराष्ट्र

1233          Lakhan Jagtap     Jagruti kalamanch    Maharashtra

1234          Aruna Singh Chauhan                         CPIML and AIRWO                Telangana

1235          Sushama Sharma                               Anand Niketan, Sewagram Maharashtra

1236          Anindita Ghosh    Vidyasagar College, Kolkata          West Bengal

1237          Ramesh Sen       Jagrat Mahila Santhan, Baran        Rajasthan

1238          Ritu- Ngapnon Varuni                         Ethaan Design Studio                Himachal Pradesh

1239          Sudhir kumar raut                               None Odisha

1240          Jeevan Wasudeo Awathare                 Anand Niketan, sewagram Dist. Wardha       Maharashtra

1241          CSRPrasad         Revolutionary writers association   Andhra pradesh

1242          Rabin Chakraborty                             Individual       West Bengal

1243          अतुल आपटे           राष्ट्रसेवा दल                Maharashtra

1244          सौ. राजश्री चौधरी    आनंद निकेतन , सेवाग्राम, वर्धा महाराष्ट्र

1245          T Ramakrishnan  None                       Tamil Nadu

1246          Krishna Moorthy  Unorganised workers Federation    Tamil Nadu

1247          Anthony              North Eastern Social Research Centre                Assam

1248          Dr. Nitin Jarhav   Public health practitioner   Maharashtra

1249          Bhalchandra Bhosale                          None Maharashtra

1250          Mrs Veena Ahire  Ahmednagar            Maharashtra

1251          Dr. Joseph Xavier SJ                          Indian Social Institute Bangalore Karnataka

1252          Packiam              Loyola college          Tamil Nadu

1253          Jomon                Education                Kerala

1254          Vaishali Rode      Shikshan Mandal Goregaon                Maharashtra

1255          Dr. Sherry George                              Asst. Professor                Bihar

1256          bernard dias        none                        maharashtra

1257          Binoy Jacob        LIPI, Kochi               Kerala

1258          Joseph K             Nil                           Rajasthan

1259          S.Mohana Subramanian                     Trade unionist                Tamil Nadu

1260          SANJAY PARATE                              Chhattisgarh Kisan Sabha       Chhattisgarh

1261          Manju                 Nil                           Telangana

1262          Pushkar Raj        Independent researcher    Delhi

1263          Thomas Varghese                              Indian Social Institute                Delhi

1264          Santosh mhaske  Pune Sarvoday mandal     Maharastra

1265          Mridu                  Women’s group        Delhi

1266          Jaya Nalage        पुरंदर                        Maharashtra

1267          Gyan Prakash kujur Provate               Jharkhand

1268          Dr.Mohan Rao        JSA                     Karnataka

1269          Simon Fernandes   Social Worker      Goa

1270          JOHN KERKETTA  Right to food and work network west Bengal                West Bengal

1271          Tripti                      Teacher              Maharstra

1272          Dr. P M Tony          ATC Namkum      Jharkhand

1273          Mukul Priyadarshini Delhi University    Delhi

1274          Dvijendra Nath Kalia                          Retd. Delhi University                Delhi

1275          George M K           Loyola College (former professor)                Kerala

1276          Dhanraji Ramlakhan                          None   None


1278          Ilanko                     Society of Jesus  Tamil Nadu

1279          Thanaseeli             C I C                   Tamilnadu

1280          Jeyaseelan             –                         Tamil Nadu

1281          PACKIARAJ S        JMS                    TAMIL NADU

1282          Godfrey DLima       FHS                    Maharashtra

1283          R Christodas Gandhi                         IAS Rtd                Thamilnadu

1284          Justine Emma SJ    Loyola College, Vettavlam          Tamil Nadu

1285          Valerian Mendonca Loyola College     Tamil Nadu

1286          Anthony Rex          Educational         Tamilnadu

1287          K Chandrahasa      Retired                Karnataka

1288          Aloysius                 IDEAS (Institute of Development Education, Action & Studiess)                  Tamil Nadu

1289          augustine ezhakunnel                        Legal and Social service and Education                        Odisha

1290          Joswin pereira        Jesuits                Karnataka

1291          Sujata Raut            Bharat jodo          Maharashtra

1292          jerrysj                    dhaanam             tamilnadu

1293          Jayanti Panchal      Socialist Party ( India )    Gujarat

1294          Beena M                Navjeevan Home West Bengal

1295          Friederike Habermann                       Commons Institute                Germany

1296          Arun                      VIRASAM            Telangana

1297          Prabuddh Banerjee SBC Mumbai       Maharashtra

1298          Xavier Rajan          Society of Jesus  Tamilnadu

1299          Anikendu Mondal    None                   West Bengal

1300          Raj Dhaliwal           N/A                     ON

1301          Noemia D’ Souza    Individual             Goa

1302          Kavita B                 Freelance in education   Maharashtra

1303          Ankita Apte            NA                      Karnataka

1304          Ryan Rodrigues      Society of Jesus  Karnataka

1305          Alaknanda Sanap   Education            Tamil Nadu

1306          K.Ravi Chander      TPF                    Telangana

1307          Indrajit Chaudhuri   Independent        West Bengal

1308          Manas Kumar Mallik                          Indian National Congress Party        Odisha

1309          Roshni oliver          District coordinator Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Raj Sangatan Udupi Dist         Karnataka

1310          सुनीत शर्मा               राजीव गांधी पंचायती राज संगठन (कांग्रेस)                झारखंड

1311          Kiran Mugabasav    Rajiv Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sanghatan                Karnataka

1312          SHIVKAR BOIPAI   Chaibasa             Jharkhand

1313          विवेक विशाल प्रधान    Nsui                    Jharkhand

1314          Braj Bhushan pande                          Rajeev Gandhi panchyati Raj sangathan                        Madhya Pradesh

1315          Sanjay Champatrao Thakare             RGPRS Maharastra                Maharashtra

1316          Vijay Chauhan        RGPRS               Himachal Pradesh

1317          Manoj Bhoyar         RGPRS Maharastra       Maharashtra

1318          Arvind Bagh           Rajiv Gandhi panchayat Raj sanghthan                Rajasthan

1319          Anil Deshmukh       RGPRS Maharastra       Maharashtra

1320          Talakshi Shah        Retired                MH

1321          Dr. M. John Kennedy                         St. Xavier’s Hr. Sec. School, Palayamkottai             Tamil Nadu

1322          Debal Basu            Individual             West Bengal

1323          Augustine               xxx                      Delhi

1324          K.Chakradhar Rao  Save Education Committee Telangana & All India Forum For Right to Education.                   Telangana

1325          Mohsin                   Retired                USA

1326          Mohsin Alikhan       Retired                USA

1327          K.Chakradhar Rao  Save Education Committee, Telangana & All India Forum For Right to Education.                   Telangana

1328          Ganta Surya Kiran  Rajiv Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sanghatan                Andhra Pradesh

1329          Anand Devappa      Rgprs                  Karnataka

1330          Dr sunil panwar      Rajeev gandhi panchayatiraj sangathan                Haryana

1331          Rajiv sheoran         Rajiv Gandhi panchayti Raj sangthan                Haryana

1332          Adv Parshant Arora Ex President Assesmbly Youth Congress Indri          haryana

1333          Rajesh Sheokand   RGPRS               Haryana

1334          Veronica cornelio    Social worker       Karnataka

1335          Piyali Dasgupta      Tutor                   West Bengal

1336          Parinita Das           Student               Assam

1337          Anjana P K             Narmada Bachao Andolan          Madhya Pradesh

1338          Rev .Thomas Salmon Raju.N             Church of South India                Andhra Pradesh

1339          N Das                    Working for distressed women    West Bengal

1340          S Praveena            Church of South India     Andhra Pradesh

1341          NADEEM               Student               Jharkhand

1342          महेन्द्र सिंह गुर्जर        राजीव गांधी पंचायतीराज संगठन मध्यप्रदेश                मध्यप्रदेश

1343          N.Akshay Rahul      student                Andhra pradesh

1344          Kumud Desai          Rashtra Seva Dal MAHARASHTRA

1345          Symon Francis       Indian citizen       Karnataka

1346          Amol Leela Babasaheb                      MANS Maharashtra                Maharashtra

1347          ADV AKSHAY SAMARTH                  Advocate                Maharashtra

1348          James F.Lopes       Palghar               Maharashtra

1349          Heena                    Go life ngo           Delhi

1350          Kunal Banerjee       NOB of Rajiv Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sangathan                             West Bengal

1351          Santosh Kumar      राजीव गांधी पंचायती राज संगठन      हिमाचल प्रदेश

1352          Nanda mhatre        Rajivgandhi panchaytiraj sanghatan                Maharashtra

1353          Shaikh Imran Shaikh Ibrahim             Rajiv Gandhi Panchiyat Raj Sanghthan Aurangabad    Maharastra

1354          Ratnakar Mahajan  Indian National Congress                Maharashtra

1355          Sandeep Pascol Figer                       Vasai District Congress                Maharashtra

1356          Lata Bhise Sonawane                        National Federation of Indian Women                        Maharashtra

1357          SADAC                  South Asian Diaspora Action Collective                Canada

1358          Sultan Ashraf Ali shah                       Congress                Maharashtra

1359          Adv Ramesh Jaiswal                         Human rights Action Group       Maharashtra

1360          Tarun Tyagi            RGPRS               Delhi

1361          Harshwardhan Sapkal                       RGPRS                Maharashtra

1362          Mohan Malharrao Bhome                  Maharashtra Andhshradha Nirmoolan Samiti                          Maharashtra

1363          Krishnamurthy Srinivasan                  Google            Arizona

1364          Shakthi Srinivasan  University of Southern California AZ

1365          Aparna Srinivasan  Basis Chandler    AZ

1366          Durgesh Jaiswal     Rashtriya yuva sangathan          Mumbai Maharashtra

1367          Zenith                    Ngo                     Tamilnadu

1368          Adv. Prabhakar Deoram Thorat          Indian National Congress Worker, Maharashtra              Maharashtra

1369          Sangeeta Gandhe  Consultant           Maharashtra

1370          vipin nunia              youth congress    rajasthan

1371          ARIF SIDDIQUI      IMSD                  Mahrashtra

1372          Mahesh Rasal        Education            Maharashtra

1373          nilima                     No                      Maharashtra

1374          Kanwal Kalirai         None                   IN

1375          Rajiv Sinha             Stanford University         California

1376          Peter siastine Minz Tribal                  Maharashtra

1377          Antony Donic Raja  NGO                   Tamil Nadu

1378          David Francis         NGO                   Tamil Nadu

1379          Michael Felix Dias   Agnel Polytechnic.          Goa

1380          Imroz khan             Rajiv Gandhi Panchayatraj Sangthan Rajasthan Rajasthan

1381          Ajay Mahajan         Vividhara             Delhi

1382          STEPHEN              NGO                   JHARKHAND

1383          Supriya Vinod         —                       Maharashtra

1384          Chinmayee sumeet Marathi bhasha abhyas kendra                Maharashtra

1385          Vaibhav Anand Pednekar                  Advocate, Kolhapur                Maharashtra

1386          Pushpendra            Self                     Bihar

1387          Bal Jagtap              Lok Vidnyan Sanghatana,                Maharashtra

1388          Samadrita Bhagawati                        Intern of Narmada bachao andolan    Assam

1389          मनोज सावनेर           इंडियन यूथ कांग्रेस   मध्यप्रदेश

1390          Prasad DW            NA                      Maharashtra

1391          Raysing Tadavi       nandurbar           maharashtra

1392          Panchali Ray          Krea University    West Bengal

1393          Arjen Tete              Priest                  Jharkhand

1394          Shadab Bano         Aligarh Muslim University            UTTAR PRADESH

1395          Rajesh vasantrao mahajan                Samuruddha jivan orgnization                             Maharashtra

1396          James Raja            Loyola College     Tamil Nadu

1397          मिलिंद गायकवाड       राष्ट्र सेवा दल कल्याण        महाराष्ट्र

1398          Shashi Shekhar Prasad Singh            J P Foundation            UP and Delhi

1399          Ayyappanaidu         None                   Pondicherry

1400          Abdul Mabood        Personal              DELHI

1401          Imtiaz Ahmad         Deshkal Socirty   Delhi

1402          Britto Vincent          Jesuit Chennai Province Tamilnadu

1403          Ravi Paloor            Revolutionary Cultural Forum      West Bengal

1404          Sanjay Gaikwad     Rashtra sewa dal Maharashtra

1405          Norah D’Souza       Individual             Goa

NAPM India