25 years of Struggle and Reconstruction in Narmada Valley

October 22nd – 23rd, 2010

Dhadgaon (Mah)  and Badwani (M.P.)


NARMADA has been a witness to the 25 years long struggle by the communities reared in its laps over generations in the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Supported by a large number of individuals and groups across the country, their non-violent and perseverant struggle together grew into Narmada Bachao Andolan. Adivasis in the mountain ranges of Satpuda and Vindhyas, farmers, labourers, fish-workers and potters in the plains of Nimad have stayed put and challenged Sardar Sarovar (SSP), other large dams and massive canals, destroying prime agricultural land, large tracks of forests, rich horticulture and hilly as well as densely populated habitats. The saga that began in 1985 has completed 25 years of the battle which tried to question, not only large dams but lop-sided development, displacement and disparity growing with the presently imposed growth-centric paradigm of development.

Our sangharsh (struggle) through questioning displacement, assertion of land and forest rights, right to fisheries, right to food and health, livelihood security, exposure of corruption and navnirman (reconstruction) through the Jeevanshalas (life schools), micro-hydel projects, and solar projects, with the help of our support groups has continued and progressed through various phases and strategies. Over these years, we have driven away the World Bank and many other international financiers from the valley by 1993, with the help of our global supporters and compelled the governments to rehabilitate thousands of adivasis with land, yet the task is far from complete and the struggle must continue. NBA has also contributed to the building of progressive alliances, especially the National Alliance of People’s Movements.

Much water has flown through Narmada in spite of many dams being built at enormous human, social and environmental costs, but the over-estimated benefits remain unattained and the mockery of rehabilitation, replete with crores of rupees worth corruption stands exposed. The undemocratic State using the ‘divide and rule’ policy, fraudulent nexus of officials-agents, money and market continues to push the destruction, violate laws, manipulate the processes of sanctioning and monitoring, yet the Dam remains stalled at 122 mts and the people continue in the movement mode, taking up challenges through battles in the field as well as courts, from local to Supreme, and surviving the continued betrayal over two decades and more by various governments.


The struggle in SSP is now linked with the assertion of rights by adivasis affected by the Jobat dam in M.P. People in many canal-affected villages across Nimad are also questioning the unjust acquisition of irrigated lands for the canals and serious environmental impacts. The serious violations of environmental laws have been exposed by the Andolanand the MoEF’s Expert Committee has also strongly indicted the state governments for gross non-compliance. Lack of political will, however, keeps the Projects alive. The people are also not relenting, and are challenging the impacts of the various large dams in the valley and the struggle for justice is only intensifying.


We, the Adivasis, farmers and others, with activists and all our supporters have to come together and look back and look forward at this juncture of completion of 25 years. It can’t be a mere celebration when the sword is still hanging, full justice is still to be achieved, large dams are still being pushed and challenged. We can’t even get over our grief since Ashish, Sanjay, Shobha and other colleagues have left us, forever. Yet, we have to take the torch forward … which was lit by them, carried by thousands and thousands of people across the country and beyond borders.


People in the Narmada valley would like to come together with you all who have joined us on the long path during last 25 years at some point during our actions, testing times, crises and victories. All those who worked with us, stood by us, spread the message and extended support are invited to the valley on the occasion of Reflections from Narmada : 25 Years and Beyond‘.


We will also be planning other initiatives on this occasion that would be carried on through the coming year and would urge you to take forward the message the lead in taking our common struggle in your own areas, regions, countries, institutions, organisations or wherever, in any befitting manner. You will be hearing more from us over the coming weeks. Come, be with us at this opportune moment with your colleagues, comrades and friends.


     October 22nd at Dhadgaon, District Nandurbar, Maharashtra and

     October 23rd at Badwani, District Badwani, Madhya Pradesh.


Reach Dhadgaon on 21st evening or 22nd morning and your journey from Dhadgaon to Badwani, through Narmada in boats would be our responsibility. Rallies and public meetings at both the places amidst adivasis of Nandurbar, Alirajpur and farmers from the plains of Nimad would be reinforced with your presence and together, we shall reiterate our commitment to the common cause. As always, you are welcome to come and spend more time with us, work with us, VOLUNTEER WITH US or just travel with us in this journey towards justice.


The events in Narmada on the 22nd and 23rd will be followed by the 8th Bi-annual Convention of National Alliance of People’s Movements at Badwani, Madhya Pradesh from October 24th to 26th. Do stay on for this important occasion too. The invite for the NAPM Convention is separately attached. Become an ally of NAPM.


Phone:                       09179148973 09818905316 09423571784

E-mail:                      napmindia@gmail.com | www.napm-india.org |


Please do inform us of your arrival and itinerary, so that we can make adequate arrangements and plan your visit and stay fruitfully. You can reach us by phone or write to us on nba.badwani@gmail.com | 25yearsofnba@gmail.com


In Solidarity,


Surbhan Bhilala

Mohan Patidar

Kailash Awasya

Kamla Yadav

Keshav Vas

Noorji Padvi

Ranveer Tomar

Bawa Mahariya


Bhagirath Dhangar

Ratan Vasave

Shankar Kagada

Devram Kanera


Siyaram Padvi

Yogini Khanolkar

Chetan Salve

Bhagirath Kavche

Gokhru Barela

Lalchand Patidar

Ramesh Prajapati

Madubhai Machwara

Devendra Tomar

Khema Vesta

Medha Patkar


Contact in Dhadgaon:

Narmada Bachao Andolan, Maitri Niwas, Kakawadi, Dhadgaon, Maharashtra

Ph: 02595-220620; Mob: 09423944390, 09423965152, 09420375730

E-mail: yogini.narmada@gmail.com and vijaya.chauhan@gmail.com

Contact in Badwani:

Narmada Bachao Andolan, 62, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Badwani, Madhya Pradesh – 451551 Ph: 07290-222464. Mob: 09179148973 and 09423965153

E-mail: medha.narmada@gmail.com and nba.badwani@gmail.com |


Ø  Delhi Forum, New Delhi                            :011-26680883 / 26680914

Ø  Joe Athialy, New Delhi                               :09868114470

Ø  Suniti S R, Pune                                           :09423571784 / 020-24251404

Ø  Pervin Jehangir, Mumbai:                          :09820636335

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Ø  Geo Jose / Hussain Master, Kerala           :9446000701/ 9445375379

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Ø  Sarvodaya Press Service, Indore               :0731 – 24010183 (1:30 pm to 6:00 pm)

Ø  Rakesh Diwan & Rolly Shivhare, Bhopal : 09424467604 / 09425466461

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Ø  Swati Desai / Rohit Prajapati, Gujarat         :094295561613 / 02652413840

Ø  Madhuresh, NAPM                                           :09818905316 / 011 – 24374535

Ø  Medha Patkar, NBA & NAPM                          :0942396515



Directions to Reach Dhadgaon

Dhadgaon is a Tehsil amidst Satpudas in Maharashtra. Nearest railhead is Dondaicha (Ahmedabad – Howrah Railway line, 3 hours away), Chalisgaon (Howrah – Mumbai Line, 4.5 hours), Nandurbar or Dhule (3 hours away), Bharuch / Ankaleshwar (4.5 hours away), Manmad, 5 hours). From any of these rail stations come by bus to SHAHADA and then change for Dhadgaon by another state co
rporation bus or share-taxi.


Route 1: From Mumbai/Pune:

1.     Take a bus to Dhule (7 hours) and change for Dhadgaon via Shahada (4 hours). Dhule is on the Mumbai –Indore bus route and lots of buses are available from both places. For bus tickets:

a.     HolidayIQ

b.     Prasanna Tours

c.      MakeMyTrip

d.     RedBus

Contact National Travels: Ph – 022-25271248 and 9869302066

2.     From Mumbai: take a train to Chalisgaon and take a bus to Dhule (1.5 hours) and change for Dhadgaon via Shahada (4 hours). Available trains:

a.      Dadar- Dhule Exp: Mumbai (2230)-Dhule (0600) – Direct Train

b.     2139 Sewagram Express: Mumbai (1510 hrs)-Chalisgaon (2015 hrs)

c.      2105 Vidarbha Exp: Mumbai (1910)-Chalisgaon (00350

d.     2809 Howrah Exp: Mumbai (2035)-Chalisgaon (0225)


Route 2: From Chennai:

Reach Nagpur by train. Change for Chalisgaon/Manmad (on Nagpur-Mumbai route – 8/9 hours from Nagpur), take a bus to Dhule (1.5 hours) and change for Dhadgaon (4 hours). You may also locate some direct train to Manmad and reach Dhadgaon via Dhule-Shahada. Some trains:

a.      8030 Shalimar Exp: Nagpur (1315)-Chalisgaon (2215)

b.     2140 Sewagram Exp: Nagpur (2050)-Chalisgaon (0535)


Route 3: From Bangaluru/Hyderabad

1.     Reach Manmad by train and take a bus to Dhule and Dhadgaon

a.      2627 Karnataka Exp. Bangalore (1920)-Manmad (1455)

2.     You can reach Manmad by Ajanta Express from Secunderabad (departs every day at 6 p.m. and reaches Mammad at 6:30 a.m.) and follow the Dhule-Shahada-Dhadgaon route.

3.      Reach Pune by train and follow the directions at Route 1


Route 4: From Keralam:

1.     Take Mangla, get down at Manmad, take a bus to Dhule and the change for Dhadgaon

a.      2617 Mangla Lakshadweep Exp: Ernakulam (1300)-Manmad (1735)

2.     Reach Pune / Mumbai and follow directions at Route 1


Route 5: From West Bengal:

Reach Manmad by train (on Howrah-Mumbai route) and take a bus to Dhule and change for Dhadgaon

a.      8030 Shalimar Exp: Shalimar (1500)-Chalisgaon (2215)

b.     2810 Mumbai mail: Howrah (2015)-Chalisgaon (2300)


Route 6: From Delhi:

Reach Manmad by train and bus to Dhule and Dhagaon

*  2618 Mangla Exp. Nizamuddin (0920)-Manmad (0435)

*  2138 Punjab Mail: New Delhi (0500)-Manmad (0205)

*  1058 Amristar Dadar Exp. New Delhi (2015)-Manmad (2145)


Route 7: From Ahmedabad / Baroda :

Reach Dondaicha by train and take a bus /Taxi to Shahada and then another bus to Dhadgaon.

            a. 2655 Navjeevan Express Dep Ahmedabad 06:30

            b. 2833 Howrah Express Dep Ahmedabad 23:55


Directions to Reach Badwani

Badwani is a district headquarters in Madhya Pradesh and is at a distance of 4-6 hours by bus / taxis from Khandwa or Indore (MP), Baroda (Gujarat). There are regular buses from Indore from morning till evening from the main bus stand, one bus in evening at 9 pm from Bhopal new bus stand, from Khandwa buses till 4 pm and from Baroda till 2 pm in the afternoon.

Route 1: From Mumbai / Pune:

1.     Mumbai and Pune is well connected with Indore by bus. Almost all of them are overnight buses. For timings/bookings contact the

Contact National Travels: Ph – 022-25271248 and 9869302066

To reach Badwani, you don’t go all the way to Indore but get off at Julwania and take a bus to Badwani. Jhulwania – Badwani is 2 hours by road.


2.     Mumbai-Indore is also connected by train:

a.      2961 Avantika Exp: Mumbai (1905)-Indore (0920) (Overnight)

Pune-Indore is connected by train as well:

b. 9311 Pune Indore exp (Tu, F, Sa): Pune (1530)-Indore (0950)

From Indore, take a bus to Badwani (5 hours)


Route 2: From Chennai/ Hyderabad:

Reach Bhopal by any train. Take bus / shared taxi to Indore (4 hours) and change for Badwani from Indore. (5 hours by road)

Route 3: From Bangalore/Kerala:

Reach Khandwa by train and take a bus from there to Badwani (5 hours)

a.      2627 Karnataka Exp. Bangalore (1920)- Khandwa (1935)

b.      2617 Mangla Exp: Ernakulam (1300)-Manmad (2240)

Route 4: From West Bengal:

1.      There is one direct train to Indore from Howrah

a.      9306 Shipra Exp (M,Th,Sa): Howrah (1740) Indore (0330)

2.      Can get down Jalgaon (on Howrah-Mumbai route) and change for Khandwa and from there, take a bus to Badwani (4 hours)

Route 5: From Delhi:

1.      2416 Nizamuddin Indore Exp: Nizamuddin (2215)-Indore (1140) – Direct Train

2.      2920 Malwa Exp: New Delhi (1900) Indore (1240) – Direct Train

Indore to Badwani by bus (5 hours)