All India Feminist Alliance (ALIFA)

Struggle – Solidarity – Sisterhood to Dismantle Manuvad-Patriarchy, Enable Gender & Social Justice

All-India Feminist Alliance (ALIFA), is an important feminist initiative of the National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM) to collectively strengthen autonomous feminist movements, rooted in diverse emancipatory and working-class struggles.

ALIFA is a non-party, progressive platform that seeks to collectivize women, transgender and non-binary persons from diverse democratic movements and social locations across India, to work towards inclusive and transformative feminist politics, through dialogue, struggle and solidarity.

Engagement with ALIFA is open to all women, transgender and non-binary identified persons across India, who are above 18 years and commit to the core principles of ALIFA and NAPM, such as upholding constitutional values & rights, social and environmental justice, secularism, communal harmony, non-discrimination & human rights of all citizens and in particular of the working class and oppressed communities, through peaceful & democratic means.


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