Join Us: Become an Individual Member of NAPM

Membership Norms for Individuals

NAPM encourages progressive citizens and concerned individuals who share the vision of the Alliance and want to participate in this process of building a democratic, just and equitable national and global world order, free of all forms of inequity, discrimination, oppression and injustice to become individual members of NAPM.  

We especially call upon youth, students, activists, trade unionists, journalists, academics, teachers, lawyers, scientists, doctors, artists, freelancers, film-makers, writers, social sector persons, entrepreneurs, other employees as well as individuals working with autonomous people’s organizations or mass organizations affiliated to progressive, small secular political parties etc. to become members in individual capacity.

We also encourage farmers, workers, adivasis, dalits, NT-DNT / vimuka community members, religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities, women, queer and transgender persons, persons living with disabilities, or persons from any marginalized background to be an individual member of NAPM. Individuals applying for NAPM membership must be citizens of India, above 18 years. All individual membership activities are volunteer-based and no payments are involved.

Procedure for Becoming an Individual Member:

Step-I: Application:

Any person who wishes to become an individual member of NAPM must:

    1. Fill in the membership form, which includes an undertaking to abide by the Value Charter (Vision & Principles) of NAPM.

    1. Either fill in and submit the google form at this link ( or e-mail the filled-in form to or whatsapp the filled-in form at 82818 07961

Please mention your district and state, in the e-mail subject / whatsapp message.  

Step-II: Acceptance of Membership

The NAPM National Memberships Committee shall scrutinize the form and issue a Certificate of Membership, to the concerned applicant, usually within 15 days or latest within 30 days since the date of application.  The said Certificate shall remain valid, unless revoked by NAPM as per procedure below.

Rights and Duties of Individual Member of NAPM:

    • Individuals can attend open meetings and proceedings, upon invitation, but shall not have the right to vote, participate in and stand for elections of the Alliance. However, this norm can be waived in a very limited and judicious manner, in the case of a certain number of individuals who contribute significant time and energy to the NAPM process. Such persons can also be co-opted in the national or state convenors team, based on a decision by the full team of convenors, at the national / state level respectively.

    • All individual members shall get periodical updates over e-mail and whatsapp on the meetings and events organized by NAPM and its constituents. Individual members are encouraged to assist the various sub-groups, based on their expertise or contribute to the work and campaigns of NAPM based on their skills, experience and interests.

    • Individual membership is a position of responsibility and any member found to be conducting oneself contrary to the spirit of NAPM’s Value Charter (Vision & Principles) or using NAPM for any other purpose than public interest, shall stand to lose the membership, based on a decision of the Membership Committee and the NAPM Convenors of the state to which such member belongs, subject to an opportunity to be heard once.

The National Co-ordination Committee (NCoC), as constituted by the National Convenors Committee (NCC) of NAPM shall also function as the National Memberships Committee (NMC). The NMC shall place a brief quarterly report before the NCC on the status of individual memberships. In case of any dispute or ambiguity, the decision of the NCC shall be final and binding.

For any queries regarding memberships, write to


Alliance Vision

National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) envisages participative and collective processes, in which people’s movements, progressive social groups and concerned citizens from all across India move towards building a democratic, just, peaceful and equitable national and global world order, free of all forms of inequity, discrimination, destruction, oppression and injustice.

The Alliance further envisages that the internationally recognized standards of human rights and the constitutional values enshrined in the Preamble are fully realized, towards social, economic, political, ecological, cultural, linguistic, ethnic justice for all communities and citizens in India, in particular the more disenfranchised and oppressed peoples.

The Alliance envisions a new society based on values of empathy, justice and recognition of the dignity of all peoples and communities, for which annihilation of oppressive and exploitative socio-economic structures of capitalism, patriarchy, caste must be attained and all hierarchies based on multiple inequities must be combated.

The Alliance envisages national collective people’s efforts to safeguard the protective and progressive values and provisions of the Constitution from rightist and fascist forces, federal spirit and right to dissent, in the interests of the diverse sections of India and strive to address the gaps in the Constitution, towards building a people-centric, non-exploitative, equitable, sustainable, democratic and peaceful India.


Alliance Principles

The Alliance is committed to core values of social justice, non-discrimination, equity, peace, ecological sustainability, non-hierarchy, democracy, secularism, diversity and pluralism.

The Alliance is further committed to challenging and ending all forms of fascism, inequality, exploitation, loot, discrimination, deprivation and oppression based on caste, class, gender, race, region, religion, ethnicity, nationality, language, access to information, resources and technology.

The Alliance commits to remain an independent platform against all forms of hate, inequality and loot of resources & labour and nurture a popular culture of harmonious co-living across all communities, sans any violence or discrimination as well as harmonious co-existence of humans and nature.

The Alliance challenges the present unjust order of centralized, corporatized, ecologically destructive ‘development’ that is depleting the public sector and conceptualizes alternative and decentralized development perspectives and paradigms, based on principles of sustainability, equity, inclusion and justice,  with democratic and non-discriminatory, people’s participation at every level.

The Alliance commits itself to nurture a pluralistic world where the diversity of views, ethnicities, identities, marginalities, genders and sexualities are respected.

The Alliance shall strive to ensure and strengthen overtime, the rightful participation , representation and collective leadership of socio-economically and politically marginalized and under-represented peoples and communities, within all areas of public life, including the Alliance processes.  

The Alliance affirms its commitment to transparent, accountable, de-centralized and democratic processes in all its activities.