SJW | Day 8: Social Justice and Minority Communities

In a conversation on interfaith marriages, Lara Jesani talks about the history of the attacks on such marriages and the narrative of ‘love jihad’ through which these are targeted nowadays. Speaking for instance of the context of Gujarat with its communal context, she mentions the kind of backlash and opposition people would make. Even so, … Read more

SJW | Day 7: Social Justice and Persons with Disabilities

Speaking from the lens of people who face marginalization at multiple levels, Kiran, who identifies as a trans man from an Adivasi community in Karnataka, and a person living with a disability, explain how being a trans* person functions as a social disability. When living with a physical or other disability, it is an additional … Read more

SJW | Day 5: Social Justice and NT-DNT and Vimukta Community Issues

In a conversation on reservations as a means of resistance in fascist and neo-liberal times, Dr. Ashwini Jadhav explains the need for reservations for the NT-DNT, Vimukta communities. She provides an overview of the history of oppression of the community starting with British colonialism and until the present times. Across different states, the community is … Read more

SJW | Day 4: Social Justice and Anti-caste Movements

Members of a union in Thane, Maharashtra, talk about the impact of the pandemic on the livelihoods of waste collectors and waste-pickers. With nothing to collect, and no place open to buy from them, the money they had was not enough for basic necessities, or food for their survival. The pandemic only increased existing discrimination. … Read more

SJW | Day 2: Social Justice and Education

The concept of ‘merit’ that is gaining more and more prominence in educational policy and in educational institutions presumes an equal starting point. It is as if students from communities which have been deprived of access to education and equitable opportunities for centuries, and those who have access to resources and cultural capital can suddenly … Read more