NAPM and its movement members have opted to stay outside the structure of state power and work for the unfulfilled promises of a democratic, egalitarian and independent India from within civil society. Our strategy, therefore, will always be to put the people’s fundamental issues on the national political agenda.

Campaigning is one of the key tools by which those within civil society can put these fundamental issues on the national political agenda as well as raise support from and the consciousness of the body politic. NAPM as a national organisation can also bring to the national attention issues affection our members in the states and other groups and individuals fighting for justice.    

Our campaigns reflect and push forward the short and long term objectives of NAPM and its members. 

Short term objectives:

Our short term objectives are to bring justice to those groups negatively affected by the present socio – political system and ensure a louder voice and increased visibility to their struggles in various national and international fora.

In the service of this agenda we campaign against anti-pool laws and projects and actions taken by the state, communal forces and corporate houses against various marginalised sections.

Long terms objectives:

Our long term goals are to turn the development paradigm towards an equitable, gender just and participatory development, bringing about social, political and economic justice based on Equality (SAMTATA), Simple Living (SADAGI) and Self-Reliance (SAVAVLAMBAN).

In service of these long term goal we campaign for the enactment and implementation of pro-poor laws and against liberalisation and free market globalisation.

NAPM is currently engaged in the following campaigns:

  • Anti – AFSPA
  • SEZs
  • Anti – Corruption
  • Land Rights